Volunteer in idyllic Borneo and also get your A-level in marine science

Would you like to volunteer AND get an internationally recognised qualification during your gap year or international travels? Or, are you looking to switch career and don’t know how to get into the marine science industry?

We are excited to announce that in January 2016, the Borneo Marine and Sea Turtle Conservation Project will be offering a marine science Advanced (A) level course in conjunction with the Cambridge Examination Board!

Jim Elliott, Globalteer General Manager, explains a little more about this exciting opportunity;

“This internationally recognised course is for a range of people: those hoping to get into marine biology or environmental science at university, diver masters or instructors looking to upgrade their skills, or anyone wanting to make a career change into shipping, fisheries, marine science, tourism or aquaculture.”

“While doing the course, students will be located at the idyllic and biodiverse Pom Pom Island, where they will learn directly from the staff and experts of a successful international conservation project.”

The 14-16 week course begins on 18 January 2016, and last year 60% of students gained an A grade, which is worth 140 UCAS points!

It will cover many ecosystems, including open oceans, coastal processes, sandy and muddy shores, coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds, as well as giving students hands on experience with microscopes, scuba diving, plankton nets, fishing techniques, sand sieves and lots more.

Applications close 12 December. Don’t delay booking since as are limited!

You must be 18 years or older to apply.  

For more information, go to our Borneo Marine and Sea Turtle Conservation page or contact us at volunteer@globalteer.org