The Ultimate Guide to Volunteering in Colombia

Volunteering abroad is a great way to integrate your travels with fulfilling, meaningful work. Colombia, renowned for its coffee, its kindness, and Shakira, is another incredible country in which we run a volunteer project.

There are dozens of reasons to visit Colombia so why not make the most of your travels by combining them with sustainable community building? Read our ultimate guide to volunteering in Colombia to get yourself started. 

What We Do in Colombia

In Medellin, our staff and volunteers work alongside Colombians in local projects. Our aim is to minimise the dangers of violence and trafficking towards young people. These risks are ongoing within marginalised and displaced communities in Colombia and we are helping where we can.

At Globalteer, we believe that enhancing the safety and security of society’s most vulnerable is vital work. Our Globalteer Colombia Kids Project offers a safe and secure surrounding for local children. Therefore, we provide kids with a space to further their education, play, and simply enjoy being kids. Because of this, brighter futures are on the horizon. By volunteering with us in Colombia, you receive the opportunity to make sustainable, mindful change, all whilst experiencing the joys and excitement of travelling.

volunteers and children at colombia kids project"
volunteer at colombia kids project"


We know that for many travellers, one of the most impactful parts of their experience can be found in the authentic local experiences. For example, you may find being welcomed into unknown cultures, and appreciating native life offers a genuine travel experience. Our volunteer programmes facilitate this whilst helping a greater cause. Interacting with locals, learning Spanish, and improving quality of life could be part of your routine with Globalteer in Medellin.

You will help to provide education, food and a safe haven from the streets to those forced into desperate situations. Assisting with English, sports and arts & crafts will be part of your daily work with our Globalteer team. Regulated by the Ministry of Family Wellbeing in Colombia and government approved, our projects are specific to local needs. 

Volunteer at Colombia Kids Project"
Volunteer at Colombia Kids Project making food"

What does Globalteer Provide for Volunteers in Colombia?

As a volunteer you will usually stay for 1-12 weeks, plenty of time to integrate yourself into our project, as a result, creating lifelong memories. 

Our Globalteer team has carefully selected various options for accommodation, ensuring safety, cleanliness and good value, regardless of budget. In addition, locations have been chosen with proximity to transport and areas of touristic interest in mind as well! Once you have secured a place volunteering with us, you can rest assured that we safely arrange airport pick up and transfers to projects. You will also receive information and guidance on life in Colombia, as well as any necessary training for the work you are to embark upon.

You will feel welcome and looked after by our Globalteer team, as a result, ensuring your volunteering abroad experience is comfortable, fun and meaningful! Volunteers bring a much a needed set of helping hands, as well as new enthusiasm, energy and ideas into our projects. So sign up today for an unforgettable and fulfilling experience, and help us to make a real difference in Medellin.  

Find out more and sign up for our Colombia Kids Project here!

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Guide to Colombian Volunteer Life

Medellin is known as Colombia’s city of eternal spring, due to its consistently warm and temperate climate. Temperatures can vary somewhat between the centre and the mountainous outskirts, so you should bring layers and a light waterproof! Rainy season comes twice annually, from September to December and from March to May, with spring showers paying a visit to our Globalteer team. You will notice the near tropical weather reflected in Colombia's biodiversity; higher than any other country on this planet! Wandering through Medellin, you might see beautiful exotic birds, dozens of species of orchids, and reptiles.  

After a few hours of helping out at the projects, you will have time to explore a variety of beautiful places, learning about the city’s vibrant history. There are countless museums, national parks and day trips a little further afield, to breathtaking areas such as Guatapé. Immerse yourself in Colombian culture and learn about native customs. After a day of impactful volunteer work,  you can treat yourself to a famous Arepa, or a bandeja paisa. Explore and indulge yourself in Colombian life and do some ethical, sustainable good in the process!