Travelling to Peru in 2021

Peru and many Latin American countries are open for travel.

Our social media coordinator, Mercedes, returned to Cusco, Peru at the end of September 2021, and shares her experience to help you get ready for your travels in a pandemic aware world!

Preparing for the trip

"I recently returned to Peru after spending 8 months in Canada. My trip was similar to pre-pandemic travel, although there were a few extra steps I needed to complete.

Leading up to my trip, I made sure to continuously check the most recent travel requirements for Peru and for the USA where I had a layover. The two things I required were: 1) A negative PCR test (for Peru and the USA), 2) Declaration of Health (for Peru). I got my test and completed the form 72 hours before departing and got my results back within 24 hours. I printed both of these documents and had them with my passport during my trip.

At the airport

In the airport, it felt like any other day! With lines at the baggage check, security and the coffee shop once through security. The only difference was enforced mask usage and lots of reminders to keep your distance and sanitize. Masks were taken off briefly right before boarding the plane, to verify identity. Double-masking was mandatory on flights out of the USA and within Latin America, and face shields were recommended, but not required. My two flights before entering Peru were not full, but the airport in Lima was packed and so was my flight to Cusco.

Airport lines and wait times were no different than usual, until I got to Lima! Here lines took slightly longer to get through, as both documents were checked twice."

-Mercedes, Social Media Coordinator

Travelling to Peru in 2021"
Flight to Peru"
Peru airport"
Stay up to date

Travel is open and possible at this time, but make sure to stay up-to-date with the current restrictions for your country (destination and home!) when planning your trip abroad. Check our Coronavirus Update for tips about what to consider when planning your trip and useful links to updated rules for some of our volunteer destination and home countries.