Globalteer creates ground-breaking teaching handbook for volunteers

Volunteers with Globalteer’s community projects in Cambodia, Peru and Colombia, now have a brand new, tailor-made teaching resource at their disposal. The Globalteer Volunteers' Teaching Handbook is available to all volunteers with our teaching programmes, and is designed specifically to equip volunteers who have little previous teaching experience with the some essential tips and guidelines on how to be an effective teaching volunteer in the developing world where the classroom can be a very different place to what we are used to back home.
The handbook is the result of a collaboration between Globalteer, two British teachers - and former Globalteer volunteers– Alan and Alison Golightly, and two of our partner projects in Siem Reap.


Alan and Alison have more than five decades of teaching experience between them as well as invaluable experience gained as volunteers in Cambodia over a period of three years. The result of their knowledge and experience is a concise and practical handbook that focuses on getting the best out of volunteers who give up their time to help teachers in the developing world, and also on helping volunteers to get the most out of their volunteering experience.

The content includes sections on warm up exercises, educational games, how to be a great English teaching assistant, reading with children, and a step by step guide to lesson planning.

Lucy Hughes and Tricia Hawes, long term volunteers at one of Globalteer’s partner projects near Siem Reap, Cambodia were delighted to receive their copy of the newhand book and said,

"Globalteer's comprehensive teaching guide is a brilliant resource which our NGO can utilise to help volunteers to teach English as a second language and unlock their true potential to make a difference. It is unique in the fact it has been developed in Cambodia, unlike any other teaching resources we have currently. We know it will be a vital part of our volunteer inductions in the future and will help to make the free education we provide the best it can be."

The development of the teaching handbook is part of Globalteer’s commitment to ensuring that all volunteers are as well prepared for their assignments as they can be, making their experience more beneficial to the projects they work with and more fulfilling for volunteers.

If you would like to help out with English teaching at one of Globalteer's community projects, please visit the website pages for our community projects in Cambodia, Peru and Colombia.