Volunteer Spotlight: Joshua

Honestly my favourite place in the world now. Colombia is such a great place. It's funny, I remember seeing somewhere that the only risk in Colombia is that you won't want to leave. Its very true. I will be making many return trips to Medellin in particular.

The people are in all honesty the nicest people I've met. My brother and I had to buy new clothes their while our others were being cleaned and so when we went to the mall I ended up seeing an Adidas and said they should have some good clothes.

When I finally found the right clothes and we got up to the counter, I was very sad to find out that the price of the clothes was going to end up being about 290.600 pesos. When we told the guy we didn't have enough for that and were looking for something cheaper he actually took us around the mall looking for a different store that I could buy clothes from. And he actually stayed and made sure I was happy with my clothes. And then he helped us find another place to buy souvenirs. This is just one example of the many nice people we met in Colombia.

Also the first night we were there we already made friends that we ended up going out with for the rest of the time. Lastly the kids at the project were the greatest. It was very very hard to leave.