Ruby the elephant finally rescued

Ruby the elephant has been rescued by members of the Globalteer-supported Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary Project in Mondulkiri Province, Eastern Cambodia.

After months of fund raising and negotiating with Ruby’s owners, the project was able to “buy” the female elephant from her owners and put an end to a lifetime of cruelty, abuse and neglect.

Ruby has now swapped a miserable life of hunting and logging for a much happier existence at the Elephant Project, enjoying the kind of life all elephants should be allowed to lead.

A team of staff from the project undertook the Ruby rescue mission, and once the complicated financial transaction had been completed, they accompanied her on a 2-day, 60km trek to her new home and a happy life at the project with the nine other rescued elephants already living there.

She has gradually been introduced to her three new house mates, known as The Supremes, and was officially welcomed to the village in a traditional Bunong tribal welcoming ceremony.

The director was delighted and relieved at how well the rescue mission had gone after months of hard work and preparation for the big day.

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Photo: Jemma Bullock