There has never been a better time to volunteer in Cambodia or Thailand

December to February is known as the cool dry season in Cambodia and Thailand which makes it the absolutely perfect time to volunteer. Whether you want to escape the dreariness of a Northern hemisphere winter, or if you have a long summer break to look forward to in Australia or New Zealand and are looking for something a bit different, volunteering at one of our projects could be just what you need.
But don’t be put off by the word “cool” - it just means that daily temperatures are less likely to soar into the high 30s Centigrade (90s Fahrenheit), and at night the mercury can even drop below 20 degrees Centigrade (68 degrees Fahrenheit), which is a real blessing if you find sleeping in the heat a bit of a challenge. Although don’t forget our volunteer guest house in Siem Reap does have air conditioning!

You can experience weeks on end of cloudless blue skies which is great for photographs, and there are many stunning sights to fill your memory card at all of our locations. What’s more the risk of heavy rain is virtually non-existent which just makes life a whole lot easier when working at your project, doing a bit of sightseeing, or even travelling to other parts of the country at the weekend.
If you add to the very alluring weather the fact that we now have placements available on the Siem Reap Giant Puppet Parade, and our newly expanded Cambodia Sports programme, there really has never been a better time to volunteer in Cambodia or Thailand.
Whether you want to work with children, water filters, elephants, bears, or the indigenous Bunong hill tribes, you can apply for any of our Cambodia or Thailand volunteer projects through the Volunteer Project pages of this website.  It’s a popular time of year and places are filling up fast, so get your application in soon to avoid disappointment!