Meet The Bears at the Cambodian Bear Sanctuary

Sandie - Female Moon Bear

Sandie arrived at the rescue centre in July 2004 when she was approximately 2 years old. She came from Kirirom National Park and was rescued from a snare. Unfortunately her front left paw was very damaged from the snare and had to be amputated once she arrived at the centre.
Sandie lives with another 8 Asiatic black bears and is a healthy 106kg in weight. Sandie’s amputation certainly doesn’t hold her back from doing bear like activities, such as looking for food, exploring the rocky outcrops in her enclosure, playing with enrichment toys or lazing in a hammock.
Sandie’s favourite place to sleep is on one of the many hammocks in her enclosures under the shade of the climbing platforms. Sandie enjoys spending time on her own and loves her keeper Mr Penh, and will always come over to him when he calls her name.

Mokiup - Adult Male Sun Bear

Mokiup arrived at the sanctuary in terrible condition. He had been kept as an exotic pet in very poor conditions and it was feared he would not survive. His owners had put an enormous chain around his neck and starved him from a very young age.
His growth is now permanently stunted as a result but he has recovered well and lives a happy life at the sanctuary. Mokiup is a very friendly bear and loves to play.

Shoelace - Male Moon Bear

Shoelace has been in care of the sanctuary since March 2007, when he was confiscated from a hunter in Battambang Province, Cambodia. Shoelace is a mischievous bear with a fun-loving personality and is no longer the ‘stringy’ looking little cub he was when he first arrived.

Shoelace has grown into a strong and handsome bear with a relaxed approach to life. His excitement when awaiting treats highlights how the sanctuary has given him the chance to be a playful and energetic cub at heart and enjoy a safe and long life that would otherwise not have been possible.

Brandy - Female Golden-Coloured Moon Bear

Brandy is a beautiful golden-coloured Moon bear who was found clinging to a tree in a large forested area due to be converted to a palm oil plantation. She was kept as a pet, but grew too big to handle and was donated to the sanctuary in 1999.
Brandy is an especially gentle Moon bear, and because Golden Moon bears are an extremely rare genetic colour phase of the Moon bear, she continues to surprise and delight our volunteers when emerging from the trees in a burst of golden yellow fur.

Dewi - Adult Male Sun Bear

Dewi was rescued in 2000 as a tiny cub after being poached from the wild in Cambodia, and she has been with the sanctuary from its humble beginnings to the world-class wildlife rescue facility it is today.

Dewi is quite shy and loves to hide in the undergrowth in her natural forest enclosure, coming out when there are treats around. While volunteers always enjoying spotting this beautiful bear, they also love that bears like Dewi are free to hide or explore as they please.