Free private Spanish classes for volunteers in Cusco

Volunteers with Globalteer’s Peru Community Project and the Peru Dog Rescue Project can now enjoy a week’s worth of private Spanish classes in Cusco absolutely free of charge.

Whilst a knowledge of Spanish is not necessary for any of our Cusco-based placements, we know that many volunteers like to combine their volunteer work with the inspirational children at our community projects or the adorable dogs at the dog rescue project with a spot of useful language tuition.

So we have teamed up with a brilliant school in the centre of Cusco - within walking distance of our volunteer hotel - where volunteers now have the option of taking one hour of Spanish a day for the first five days of their placement in Peru. Volunteer timetables at both the community project and the dog rescue project mean that you can easily fit Spanish classes in during the morning before heading off to your project around lunchtime.

Tailor-made classes for all

Classes are designed specifically around each volunteer’s needs and take into account any knowledge of Spanish you already have. So if you want to focus on language to use in the classroom, the classes can be tailored accordingly. Or if you want to learn how to haggle in the market, understand a menu in a typical pikanteria or simply practice conversation topics for when you meet the friendly locals in one of Cusco’s bars, then classes can be tailored to suit you as well.

Unfortunately our partner school doesn’t yet teach volunteers how to communicate verbally with Peruvian dogs, but the Dog Rescue Project director has a few useful canine phrases that never fail!

If you want to continue your Spanish classes after your first week, we have negotiated a very competitive hourly rate for our volunteers, and if you want to have a few lessons before you even set foot on Peruvian soil, we can even arrange for you to receive pre-departure tuition by Skype, also at a specially negotiated rate. You need never be stuck for words when you’re in Peru with us!

For full details of what our Cusco-based volunteer placements involve, please visit our Volunteer Peru Community Project page or our Volunteer Peru Dog Rescue Project page.

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