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Help Support Picaflor House!

By donating to Picaflor House you will be helping to make a real difference to the lives of the children attending the project by giving them access to better education opportunities!

Picaflor House Community Project

Picaflor House is an after-school education programme in the village of Oropesa, just outside Cusco, that provides educational support to underprivileged children in the village and surrounding areas. In addition to providing the children with educational support, the project also provides the children with a healthy lunch eat day and just a general safe space to be after school while their parents are working.

By donating to Picaflor House you will be helping to ensure the project is able to continue its important work. Your generous donations will go towards helping with general running costs for the project as well as assisting some of the various programmes in place at the project.

Current programmes in place at Picaflor House;
  1. Literacy Programme
    The programme provides children with classes to improve their reading, writing and comprehension skills. This will help improve their academic results and thereby have access to better future education and employment opportunities.
  2. Numeracy Programme
    Many of the children struggle with mathematics but extra tutoring or additional help is unavailable at public school. Therefore the project provides them with additional mathematics classes to assist them with this difficult subject.
  3. Healthy Lunch Programme
    Most children who attend the programme were not eating lunch, and those that did generally only ate something with little to no nutritional value and tended to be sluggish and tired while at the project. Now each day the children start their afternoon at the project with a healthy and nutritional lunch!
  4. English Programme
    Due to it's close proximity to Cusco, a major tourist hub, being able to speak English will open up many future employment opportunities for the children. A comprehensive English curriculum has been designed, and the children receive lessons throughout the week from a native English teacher.
  5. Homework Help
    Many of the children's parents are unable to help them with their homework as they cannot read or write or only speak the indigenous language, Quecha, while the public school system is only in Spanish. As such, Picaflor House allows children to bring in their homework and are given time and assistance to complete it throughout the afternoon.
  6. Kindergarten Programme
    The kindergarten programme allows the younger siblings of children at the project to also attend with them, so that the older siblings don't miss out on the opportunity to come, as unfortunately many children are left to care for their younger sibling while their parents are at work. Of course, any child between the ages of 3-6 are eligible to attend, regardless of whether their older siblings attend too.
  7. Non-Academic Activities
    In addition to the programmes designed to improve their academic abilities, the project also provides other stimulating non-academic activities such as dance classes, arts & crafts, sports and chess.
Picaflor House Students in the garden
Peru Volunteer programme
Picaflor House Students, Peru