Helping from Home! Fundraiser for Cambodia sets an Example

Darron has gone above and beyond with international service.

Globalteer’s Cambodia alum Darron is living proof that service doesn’t have to stop after placement. Darron has put great effort into fundraising for Cambodia's Helping Hands School: Since finishing his initial exchange in 2018, Darron has continued his efforts to help and raised over $7,000 for the project by himself. 

To put the impact into perspective, just $5 can cover a student’s breakfast for a month while $75 can cover one month’s university tuition.

Coming to Cambodia

I visited Siem Reap in early 2017 and fell in love with the people and culture here,” Darron said, explaining why he helps at home and overseas. “I left that trip knowing that I wanted to return and give back to the community that made my trip so special."  

But Darron is no stranger to fundraising. Just one year before his latest effort, he whipped up over $3,700 for the very same project. Darron’s commitment for Helping Hands is unmatched and it shows in his work on the ground-level for Globalteer as well.  

“During [Darron’s] time, and since, he has given endless hours to work with our teachers and students at the school, bringing exciting arts and crafts materials with him as well as creative and educational ideas,” said Jess, Community Programme Coordinator for Siem Reap. “We are blown away by the amount of heart, enthusiasm and generosity Darron has.”  

Anyone can help from Abroad

Globalteer hopes that Darron’s efforts inspires others to connect their local channels to international ones. Just because a person can’t make the next flight to Cambodia doesn’t mean they can’t help. Tools like GoFundMe and creative ideas, from marathons to swimming races, have raised funds before. With our next Mega Raffle, somebody following in Darron’s footsteps could even win a trip to Cambodia or Peru.

“Passion, transparency and efficiency!” Darron said when asked what the key to a good local campaign is. "Sharing why you are passionate for your cause is an important component of any effective and successful campaign.  Tell people why you connect with the cause and support its efforts. 

Fundraising volunteer "
Students at Helping Hands"
Fundraising for Cambodia Project"
A Short Interview with Darron
Why did you decide on Helping Hands initially? 

"I spent about one year doing research looking for an NGO that was doing responsible work in Siem Reap. Then a friend sent me a link to Globalteer’s website which led me to discover Helping Hands.  I loved the history of how Helping Hands was started and was very impressed with how the work was being done at the school. In general, the efforts were positively impacting and empowering the lives of the students. From there, I knew immediately that Helping Hands was a program I wanted to be a part of."  

What can people do on a local level to bring about international impacts? 

"Communicate!  Because people don’t always know what they don’t know.  I’ve made a point to talk to my friends, family and social network about Cambodia and Siem Reap and share with them all of the wonderful things that are going on.  In addition, always ask people if they are interested in getting involved in a great cause.  Most people are but they just don’t know where to start.  Shine a light on the successful work being done internationally and also on where more support is needed.  Above everything, educate on what responsible volunteering looks like and informed decisions related to donations are important and necessary."     

What makes for an effective local campaign in your eyes?  

"Passion, education and transparency!  Sharing why you are passionate for your cause is an important component of any effective and successful campaign.  Tell people why you connect with the cause and support its efforts. Providing education around your cause is helpful to people who are not familiar with it.  Tell them what the impact of their donation will have on the program/cause. And always be transparent in your efforts.  People appreciate knowing where their donation is going and how it is making a difference."

What separates Globalteer from other volunteer organizations?

"Globalteer’s relentless commitment and dedication to working with programs that are sustainable, ethical and responsible set them apart from other international volunteer organizations out there.  You also have comfort in knowing that you have the support and guidance of the amazing and caring Globalteer team throughout your whole volunteer experience!  With all that, you will feel like you are a part of the Globalteer family on Day 1."

Fundraising volunteer "
Students at Helping Hands"
Fundraising for Cambodia Project"
Want to help too?

Darron’s attitude is inspiring! And the only way we can build on it is to model it in the day to day. To learn more about Globalteer’s projects (including Helping Hands) click below or consider contacting us about starting your own fundraiser.