10 Years of Responsible Volunteering: How Globalteer has helped us – Borneo Marine Conservation Project

Globalteer's started working with the Borneo Marine and Sea Turtle Conservation Project in 2011 - which seems not that long ago, but is in fact half our life! Since we have been working together, the project has achieved great things and made huge progress in rejuvenating damaged coral reefs and protecting endangered sea turtles. But rather than us telling you about it, we asked the project director to tell us a bit about how working with us and our volunteers has helped.

1. Why do you encourage international volunteers?

Our volunteers bring enthusiasm and a passion for the ocean that we nurture with knowledge and practical experience. Marine conservation is a global issue and these are the future ambassadors for conservation around the world.

On social media or in the field our volunteers are making a difference many years later. By developing an international community within our project, we enhance the experience for each of our volunteers by exposing them to different cultures and by opening their minds to different ways of thinking.

2. What do they bring to your project?

The volunteers bring lots of life experiences and an enthusiastic attitude to hard work, which they share within a tight knit community of like-minded people.

We live in a world that is changing rapidly and the most important part of the volunteer experience is not what they bring but what they take away.

3. What do you think volunteers get out of the experience?

The volunteers gain both practical and theoretical knowledge and experience about marine conservation and marine science as a whole. Many of our volunteers leave with an enthusiastic passion for marine conservation, demonstrated by many making life-changing choices to work in conservation roles after volunteering for us and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm to family and friends.

Furthermore, volunteers leave with an enhanced world view and an open mind after meeting people from many different walks of life and cultures which they would not normally socialise and work with.

4. Since you have been working with Globalteer, what are the most noteworthy contributions our volunteers have made to your project?

Globalteer volunteers have aided with the creation and placement of many of our successful, major artificial reefs and with our data collection to support scientific research. They have also been involved with the creation of local community outreach programs, such as leading conservation and basic English classes at local schools. They are essential to the continuation of our turtle monitoring and conservation programmes.

5. Why do you like dealing with Globalteer?

Globalteer increases our exposure and helps greatly with our volunteer recruitment, which is vital to maintain the pace of our marine conservation.

6. What major changes there have been at your project since you started working with Globalteer?

Since we have started working with Globalteer, we have been able to do crucial conservation work at a much larger scale and at a faster pace by being able to rely on a constant source of dedicated, hardworking volunteers. Our community conservation work is building reefs by villagers for villagers, our volunteers work side by side with the community to give a sense of shared responsibility for conserving part of the planet.

7. How does the future look for your project? And what can we do to help?

Our project is becoming ever larger in scale. The success of our project has given us prestige and reputation, which we are harnessing to increase the reach of our conservation.

By continuing to represent our project to volunteers worldwide, Globalteer can help us maintain this momentum through continual volunteer recruitment.

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