Volunteer Spotlight: Sally

Volunteering can be a life-changing experience and it makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside when we know that our volunteers continue […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Tim

“I would highly recommend my time with Globalteer and would come back in the future.”Tim is from the UK and volunteered in […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Sharon

“Arrived as a stranger, left as a friend”Sharron is 52, and is an IT manager from the UK and spent two weeks […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Holly

Holly is from the UK, and volunteered at the Cambodia Community Project in September for three weeks. My ExperienceVolunteering with Globalteer at their […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle

“If volunteering is something you have thought about, just take a leap of faith and you will be well rewarded with an […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Harpreet

“It’s incredible how much you can do just giving some of your time and love to help people, it is truly a […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen

“I can’t wait to return. It is one beautiful country. Thank you Globalteer.”American Karen already had some international volunteering in Africa and South […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Beth

“If you would like to see two very different aspects of Cambodia then I would highly recommend doing both projects” British volunteer […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Priya

“I think Globalteer is a fantastic place for first-time volunteers, as well as experienced ones”Priya volunteered with the Cambodia Community Project together […]