Volunteer Spotlight: Tim

“I would highly recommend my time with Globalteer and would come back in the future.”Tim is from the UK and volunteered in September at the Cambodia Community project for 6 weeks. My Story In the summer of 2016 I undertook a 6-week placement in Siem Reap, with Globalteer’s Cambodia community Project. I was placed with one of […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Sharon

“Arrived as a stranger, left as a friend”Sharron is 52, and is an IT manager from the UK and spent two weeks at our Cambodia Community project.”It took 32 years to get here, but they say the best things are worth waiting for!  My interest in Cambodia began after I saw the film the Killing […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Holly

Holly is from the UK, and volunteered at the Cambodia Community Project in September for three weeks. My ExperienceVolunteering with Globalteer at their partner school was such a life-changing experience. I really felt like I was welcomed as a member of the team. The children were so happy and full of enthusiasm which created a wonderful […]

Honeymoon volunteering in Cambodia!

The reasons behind why people choose to volunteer abroad are hugely varied, and can be anything from an 18th birthday present, to a way to see the world upon retirement. But for British newlyweds Josh and Carrie (pictured at their project), volunteering abroad provided a unique and very special way to start married life in a […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle

“If volunteering is something you have thought about, just take a leap of faith and you will be well rewarded with an experience of seeing the real world. It really opens your mind, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”Michelle is from the UK and volunteered at the Cambodia Community Project in October […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Harpreet

“It’s incredible how much you can do just giving some of your time and love to help people, it is truly a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to everyone.”Herpreet Uppal is a student at London University’s Royal Holloway College who volunteered with the Cambodia Community Project in July 2015.  Looking for the right […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen

“I can’t wait to return. It is one beautiful country. Thank you Globalteer.”American Karen already had some international volunteering in Africa and South America under her belt when she decided to devote two months to volunteering with Globalteer’s Colombia Community Project in the beautiful city of Medellin earlier this year. Here she tells us why she chose […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Beth

“If you would like to see two very different aspects of Cambodia then I would highly recommend doing both projects” British volunteer Beth Pedersen completed a stint at two Globalteer projects in Cambodia. She started with 2 weeks at the Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary in undeveloped Northeastern Cambodia, followed by 8 weeks in a school at […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Priya

“I think Globalteer is a fantastic place for first-time volunteers, as well as experienced ones”Priya volunteered with the Cambodia Community Project together with her school friend Julia Vanian in July 2013. Priya was making the most of a long summer holiday before knuckling down to study a 3 year degree in International Development and International […]

Volunteer Spotlight: June

The money also bought a class set of text books…I retired from teaching Dec. 2005 after having taught at Mt.Martha primary for the last 24 years. When I arrived in Siem Reap I taught at the day centre in the mornings, and then I’d teach from 5-00p.m -7-00p.m. at the ‘School for Poverty Children’ run […]