Volunteer Spotlight: Sally

Volunteering can be a life-changing experience and it makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside when we know that our volunteers continue to travel or return home having had an amazing experience helping, working, making new friends and making an impact. It’s an even greater feeling when we have past volunteers return to the projects that they loved to do it all over again! Sally did exactly that at our Cambodia Community project.
“My last visit was life changing - as corny as that sounds! I had the most wonderful time and was keen to return. I understand what is required and how important it is for the kids to speak with native English speakers.”
Sally, hailing from Australia, first volunteered at our community school for two weeks in October 2014, and returned for 2 weeks in February 2017.

“When I first volunteered at the school, I was there to assist in the classroom by allowing the children to hear a native English speaker and correct their pronunciation. I was also lucky enough to give some very basic lessons. This time around I helped in every way that I could, even taking over one of the teachers’ classes because he was unwell – which I loved!
“The children at the school touched my heart in such a way that I knew I needed to be involved on an ongoing basis, to watch them grow and achieve their goals. I was so thrilled to see their faces again and to see that they are still enthusiastic about their education and English in particular.”
“It was wonderful to meet some of the new teachers who are so committed and fun to be around. I suspect next time there will be big changes with the new school in the process of being built.
‘I have enjoyed my time back at the school more than I can put in to words. I would say to anyone that is thinking about volunteering to not hesitate!! It is the best thing I’ve ever done and has changed my life. I now have a passion and am committed to the students and the school for the long term. Returning to the project was like coming home”