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Volunteering for the over 40s, 50s & 60s

You are never to old to volunteer! Globalteer doesn't cater only to young people; we have volunteering opportunities abroad for all ages. At Globalteer we get a much higher proportion of older volunteers than many organisations; which is just great for us and our projects on so many levels. Most of all because the mix of people from different backgrounds and age groups means our volunteers have a huge range of experience and knowledge to draw on which is of huge benefit to our projects. And of course the diversity of our volunteers makes the experience much richer for everyone. Interested in volunteering abroad for over 40s, 50s & 60s? Then Globalteer is a great match for you!

Meet Cyril who volunteered in Cambodia

We often ask our older volunteers in particular why they choose to volunteer with us. Mostly they tell us it’s because we are a registered charity and non-profit. Also because Globalteer promotes ethical and responsible volunteering, something volunteers consider hugely important! And because we really look after you when you are actually volunteering.

Which Globalteer projects suit older volunteers?

If you interested in Volunteering Abroad for Older Adults then Globalteer is a great match for you! All our projects welcome mature volunteers. None of our projects have an upper age limit. The most important thing for us is that you are able to carry out at least some, if not all of the tasks required of our volunteers. There is some flexibility with tasks at certain projects; but we would recommend that you have a good level of fitness for any of our projects involving physical work in hot and humid climates. Read some of our accounts from older volunteers to see just how rewarding it can be to join our projects at any age!

Erika Oakley, 56, Colombia Community Project Volunteer

"The children were challenging at times but after ten weeks of trust and fun and at times tough love they gave us as much reward as we gave them. I loved working with the children; it was so rewarding and fulfilling and I knew I wanted to continue doing a meaningful job once I returned home. I now work for Mencap assisting people to live independently and I love it. Globalteer changed my life. I would never have thought about working with people of all ages with challenging behaviour and learning difficulties; now I feel fulfilled, challenged and wanted in my job."

Chas Noble, 60, Cambodia Elephant and Clean Water Volunteer

"I would recommend volunteering through Globalteer to anyone; especially the older generation. I knew that I always had the support of a great group of people to help me with any unforeseen problems. The other volunteers I met were like minded individuals of all ages and nationalities; sharing their stories of travelling and volunteering on the various projects. I especially remember the social evenings; whether it was just going out for a meal or taking part in the local trivia quizzes. To those who are in two minds I would just say "go for it" you will not regret the experience."

Sally Bateman, 56, Cambodia Community Volunteer

"You hear people say that they have had life changing experiences. This was. At 56 and with my own children in their early 20’s I wondered if I would fit in: both at the school but also with the other volunteers. I needn’t have worried. The volunteers I met on my first day will, I hope, remain lifelong friends. No matter our ages, we were all sharing an experience that would change us and create amazing memories. There was a lot of laughter and, when it was time to say goodbye, many tears.
You can’t help but be affected by the Cambodian people. They have so little but give so much. Their smiles and warmth, acceptance of their life and appreciation of even the smallest things are very humbling. But it was the children at the project that truly won my heart. My role in the school was to assist with teaching English to the children; working on pronunciation and allowing them to hear English from a native speaker. I was also lucky enough to be able to prepare and deliver some very easy lessons; something I never expected to do but which I thoroughly enjoyed. Think you're too old to volunteer abroad over 50 ? You're not! Trust me!"

Melinda, 53, Cambodia Community Volunteer

"I thought there wouldn't be many volunteering opportunities for older people. While some of them were too expensive, majority of them were for young people. Not many places offer volunteering opportunities to people of my age. I did some research on community volunteering projects for kids and ethical NGO's, where Globalteer checked all the criteria boxes for me. Besides, I have been wanting to do this for a while and this time there was no stopping me!
Volunteering at the Cambodia Community Project was magical. The crafts that I brought for the kids was absolutely worth every penny. They enjoyed it very much. It also developed an interaction among themselves which you don't get to see back in the UK as it is something very normal for them. But it was a big deal for these kids. It just got me thinking as to why did I not do it all this while."

Volunteering Abroad for Mature Volunteers

Volunteering overseas as an individual over 40 years old, especially when engaging in longer-term volunteer travel overseas, can create a profound and positive impact on community development initiatives in developing countries. While some may perceive volunteering as an endeavor primarily reserved for the young, older individuals bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise that can be invaluable in contributing to community development. Their dedication and diverse life backgrounds enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of the initiatives they engage with, ensuring a more comprehensive approach to addressing local challenges.

Engaging in volunteer travel beyond the age of 40 demonstrates that the desire to make a positive impact knows no age boundaries. These seasoned volunteers serve as exemplary figures, debunking the notion that age is a limiting factor when it comes to meaningful community development work. Their presence inspires a more inclusive and diverse volunteer community, further magnifying the positive impact felt in developing countries. By dedicating their time, skills, and resources to these endeavors, older volunteers prove that the rewards of self-discovery and global citizenship are accessible to individuals of all ages, and that their contributions remain a vital force in creating a better world for all.

Although short term volunteers provide a valuable contribution, older volunteers with more time can also intern abroad with Globalteer, bringing their skills and experience to projects without the program fees associated with shorter term volunteering. With the commitment of longer term volunteering, you can volunteer abroad for free with accommodation and food included. Volunteer opportunities for over 40's can be as little as 1 week to 6 months with Globalteer.

Volunteer opportunities for over 40's

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