A parent's perspective on Picaflor House

In this series of short articles, I see into Globalteers’ afterschool project at Picaflor House. A special emphasis will be put on the different perspectives of parents, teachers and interns. The aim is to provide a comprehensive insight into the work at Picaflor House in order to give a better understanding of its’ functioning.

About Gloria – an Oropesa local

Gloria is a 30-year-old mother of three who grew up and still lives in the town of Oropesa. The small town is situated an hour away from Cusco and is known for its famous pan chuta. Gloria balances working as a cleaner whilst supporting her home. Her eleven-year-old son goes to school in Oropesa and is enrolled with our free afterschool program Picaflor House. The project in Oropesa is organized by the charity organization Globalteer.

About the project – providing a safe place

In Picaflor House, a director, a cook and four teachers are organizing an afterschool program for children from the area. Besides educational courses in reading and writing, English, Mathematics, History and Arts are being thaught. Interns and volunteers from around the globe support the process by implementing their own ideas. At the moment, the German student Florian organizes classes in physical education, while Larissa from Brazil is creating workshops on children´s safety and women empowerment.

Additionally, to the educational aspects of Picaflor House, we provide a warm meal and safe environment for the children. Gloria especially emphasized the latter several times during the interview. The fact that she doesn´t need to worry on the whereabouts of her son during the day allows her and her husband to focus on work and making a living.

English classes and support with schoolwork

As she was born and raised in the village of Oropesa, Gloria knew the teachers working at Picaflor House. Ultimately however she heard about the place from a friend, whose child was involved with the program. What especially attracts the parents is the fact that Picaflor House is one of the only places teaching English around the area. Besides these aspects, the support with the children's schoolwork was frequently mentioned as being an important help for the families.

All-in-all, the program at Picaflor House is being perceived very positively by Gloria and other parents that she has been in contact with. On the question if she had anything to complain about Picaflor, she hesitatingly responded, that she would like to enroll her older children in the program as well. However, she expressed understanding for the organizations limited resources, which do not allow to widen the age range of attending children at the moment.

The fact that Picaflor House offers a safe environment and assistance with the children's schoolwork is a relieve for the parents and allows them to focus on making a living. These aspects combined with the English classes makes Picaflor House a unique place, which helps to fill the gaps in the educational system within the area.

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