Picaflor's History

Picaflor started in 2010 as a small one classroom project. Since then our work has expanded and we have made some major developments. Now our school has five classrooms and a large playground. We have served over 600 students who have passed through our school. Additionally, we have had over 300 volunteers donate their time since 2010, many of whom continue supporting us. We are proud of how far we have come and excited about where we will go.

Our history helping children cusco peru


Jim Elliott, founder of Globalteer, decides to replicate his successful education project from Cambodia in Peru. He visits 20+ villages trying to find the spot most in need. The Oropesa community opens its arms to us. We start Picaflor House in a classroom in the public school. Our staff consists of the programme director and one teacher who focuses on tutoring and homework assistance.

Picaflor House, helping children in Peru since 2010


Due to generous funding support, we are able to rent a building to run Picaflor House. Therefore adding 4 classrooms and an area for the kids to play. The space allows us to set up a formal teaching programme and hire additional teachers. Picaflor House starts maths, literacy, art, and English classes.

volunteers painting mural at kids community project cusco peru
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student at kids community project cusco peru


Choi comes to volunteer at Picaflor House. During her time she realises that because older kids have to stay home to take care of their younger siblings they are not able to attend our programme. She proposes a kindergarten programme to resolve this issue, which she decides to fund. Choi becomes an avid supporter and returns each year.

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The demand for Picaflor exceeds our space. Therefore, new programme director, Luz, has to set a maximum of 60 students to enroll.

volunteers helping children at education project cusco peru
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Thanks to an increase in funding we are able to add one more member of staff. This enables us to increase the capacity to 80 students. Additionally, Choi also decides to help us tackle nutrition. Some students are late to our 3:00 pm programme because they have to walk long distances between their school, home, and Picaflor in order to receive lunch. Equally as many students come to Picaflor not having any food that day. Choi sponsors our lunch and snack programme to provide much needed support.

Healthy snack for the kids in Cusco
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Picaflor House receives a grant from LATA to promote literacy and English. We are able to hire a specialist English teacher, Lynn, and purchase materials such as books. Lynn gives the English programme a complete revamp and gives it a much-needed structure which we still use today.

student at kids after-school education project just outside Cusco Peru
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One of Lynn's English students wins a Cusco English competition. He beats out many students who go to elite private schools.

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May - July: Intern, Emily, expands our Child Protection Policy to address teaching children about safety and keeping themselves safe. She creates our child safety modules and our Child Safety Programme is born.

playground at Picaflor House Community Project
child playing on playground at kids project cusco peru

July: We receive a kind donation from Khelo to build a new playground that the kids can't get enough of.

October: Interns, Maddie and Alejandra complete the lesson plans for the Child Safety Modules and implement the first lessons into the classroom.

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We are excited about all the things to come this year! We are focusing on trying to get funding to start a new transportation project to get kids from more remote areas safety to and from our school. Our garden also could use some love- we hope to find some volunteers with a green thumb to revitalise our grounds while teaching students about nature.

As always, we strive to improve the quality of all of our programmes continuously. Furthermore, we will hold workshops for our teachers every month with a different educational focus.

Every six months we plan to implement our Child Safety Module so all students, even the new ones we get later on in the year, are educated on how to avoid dangerous situations. We also have our annual Chocolatada (Christmas Celebration) to look forward to. 

Thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers, and staff who are an invaluable part of our history. We are so grateful for all the people who have contributed to Picaflor House and believe in our mission: to give children in the Oropesa community a better chance at life through the gift of education.