volunteer to help children at educational project near Cusco Peru
Join hundreds of volunteers who have supported Globalteer's mission by offering their time, skill, and experience in meaningful ways.

Volunteer to Help the Children at Picaflor House

Each of our volunteers helps with ongoing operations at the school. We are happy to have both short and long term volunteers. We are also able to host volunteer groups! Duties can include assisting in classes such as English, art, sports, music, and dance.

We have had volunteers come here to gain teaching experience, paint murals on our walls, build a playground, and much more! We welcome you to bring your unique talents and passion to help to enhance the student's experience!

Picaflor house has been accepting volunteers to help the children at the project since 2010. Our well-established programme allows you to integrate seamlessly into our school. To learn more about our volunteer roles, head over to our parent site, Globalteer, to learn more about your options. Or get in contact with any questions about volunteering you may have!