Our Values

Our values are what makes Picaflor House who we are, drive our staff, and govern everything we do at our project. These are inspired by our goal for the children that pass through Picaflor to attain the highest possible level of health and safety. Even more so, we are committed to their educational and personal development to better equip them for their future. By staying true to our core values, we are best able to serve the children of the Oropesa community. 

The pictures below are murals that are around our school that are a constant visual reminder of what we stand for.

Ethical Volunteering
Ethical Volunteering

We take great considerations when accepting volunteers to ensure they: 1) are coming for the right reasons: 2) have the right skill set to contribute.


Our organization is rooted in the community. We receive input from the kids, parents, and community leaders at every step of the way. We are grateful for their help!


Our goal is to give a well-rounded education. That means we focus not only on tradition subjects, but also life topics such as safety and puberty.


Picaflor House is not a static programme. We listen to our students and parents and change our programme accordingly. It's how the Child Safety Programme got started!


Many of our students are featured on our social media. Our photographers take great care to receive consent from the child first and follow our in-depth guidelines for their protection.


Keeping open and honest communication with our supporters is vital to our organization. We post updates on our social media and every 3 months on our Global Giving page. 


The parents of Picaflor House put great trust in us to care for their children. We are honored and promise to always respect that relationship.


Picaflor House commits to serving those most in need from rural areas in extreme poverty. We believe everyone deserves a chance at a brighter future and commit to helping make that happen!

Constant Improvement

Our teachers want to stay up to date with the latest methodology in order to provide the best education. We hold workshops at least once a month on various educational methods.