Thanks to the generous support of one of our most avid champions we are able to have a kindergarten and nutrition programme.


The kindergarten programme started because many children couldn't attend Picaflor since they had to take care of their younger siblings. The kindergarten programme relieves the burden of child care and makes it possible for the older students to attend Picaflor.

Our kindergarten programme dedicates one classroom solely for the kindergarten students, where they spend the full afternoon at Picaflor (with breaks to play on the playground of course!). There is one teacher for a max of 18 students. The students, aged 3-5, enjoy a range of fun activities with our dedicated kindergarten teacher. From singing, reading, to arts and crafts you can tell the students are always having a good time. The kindergarten classes prepares them to be more successful for when they enter primary school.


Here at Picaflor we take a well-rounded approach to our students care. We can't expect students to focus well if they have not eaten that day! The students who did go home for a meal would often be very late because they had to walk long distances between their public school, house, and then to Picaflor. We not only want out students to be healthy, but also want them to get the most out of their time at Picaflor House. And students with a full belly are able to concentrate better and benefit from their classes even more!

Every day the students receive a nutritious lunch before classes start for the day. Our two cooks out great time and effort into making a healthy, substantial meal for the students. Especially since it will be the only proper meal for the day for some of the students. When classes finish at 5pm, everyone receives a piece of fruit for a healthy snack on the way home.

ngo lunch and kindergarten programmes
lunch programme helping students get most out of their lessons
providing nutritious lunch for student at kids project cusco peru

Thank you to all of our donors who make this possible. We always need more support to cover the running costs of staffs salaries, materials, and food. If you are interested in supporting our cause, you can make a donation here.