Picaflor House Champions

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our Picaflor House Champions; Individuals and groups who have made a real difference to Picaflor House through one-off or ongoing donations. These gifts help us to cover Picaflor House running costs, to address urgent and unforeseen challenges and to expand our programmes to help even more children in Oropesa.

Anyone can become a Picaflor House Champion by donating to help support our work!

Meet Our Supporters

It is thanks to the amazing support of all of our donors and volunteers that Picaflor House is able to continue its work, helping to give the children of Oropesa village a brighter future. So here we would like to introduce some of our great supporters.

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Choi with the Kindergarten kids
Lai Choi Kuen

Choi came all the way from Singapore to volunteer at Picaflor House in 2013. She has been coming back every year since. Through a significant donation we were able to set up our much-needed kindergarten and nutrition programmes.

The kindergarten employs a full-time teacher and prepares up to 20 pre-school children to enter their first year of primary school. Typically care for these children falls onto their older siblings, so they were not able to attend Picaflor House. Choi set up this programme to reduce the childcare burden on local families as well as allow the siblings to recieve an education with us.

Choi continues to offer financial support to the kindergarten, and she also provides funds for our nutrition programme. Because of her generosity we are able to provide all the children at Picaflor House with a lunch as well as a snack to go home with. We are grateful for her continued support throughout the years.

Kristine de Bever

Kristine de Bever volunteered at Picaflor in October and November 2015 for five weeks. During her placement she assisted the project and teachers in English, kindergarten, geography and art classes.

Kristine at Picaflor House

Originally from The Netherlands, but now having lived in Australia, France and Spain, Kristine certainly brought a range of insights, knowledge and skills to Picaflor during her time here. After she left Peru she was inspired to help Picaflor with much needed funds.

We would therefore like to thank Kristine and her family’s business, PacFood, for their continued and generous support of Picaflor. Each of their ongoing donations is vital in helping us achieve great things from year to year.  Thank you to Kristine and PacFood!

Southern Crossings

Southern Crossings, a Peruvian travel agency based in Lima and run by American Kris Murphy, has been supporting Picaflor House for many years through financial and material donations.

It’s safe to say that Southern Crossings’ biggest contribution to Picaflor House over the years has been to our Christmas party, or chocolatada. Every year, the Picaflor House children enjoy their hot chocolate and sweet Christmas bread thanks to Kris and his team. Southern Crossings also help us to buy presents and goodies for the children who otherwise would not have an opportunity to celebrate this holiday.

Most recently, Southern Crossings has become monthly donors to Picaflor House, something which we benefit from greatly. Monthly donations are a great way to provide on-going support to Picaflor House as we aim to achieve financial security and sustainability!

DUCK volunteer group in Peru
Durham University

Based in the northeast of England, Durham University’s ‘raising and giving’ group have raised and donated thousands of pounds for Picaflor House over the last several years. DUCK student groups have visited Picaflor House annually since 2013. Working as a team, they have had plenty of experience fundraising for Picaflor House.

iF Social Impact Prize

The iF World Design Social Impact Prize supports projects that make a significant contribution to society. The prize recognises projects that address one (or more) of the UN Sustainable Development goals. Picaflor House was one of the 2020 recipients of the prize.

if social impact prize winner 2020
iF Social Impact Prize Recipient
TLA Travel

Totally Latin America Travel has been generously donating to Picaflor House each year to help us support the health of the children. With their help, the children at Picaflor House have been provided a lunch and snack everyday.

Totally Latin America Travel are specialists in luxury travel to Peru, based in Cusco and run by Paul Jones. Many thanks TLA!

Josephine Mannering

Josephine Mannering supports our cause through sales at her bric a brac stall in Devon, England. Jo started off by selling second hand books from a single table outside her cottage, however, over the years the stall has grown, as has her customer base! She receives donations – including books and CDs, musical instruments, ornaments and china – from the general public and sells them to passers-by, local residents and holiday makers. She has, to date, raised thousands of pounds for Picaflor House through her efforts.

Jo’s donations have helped pay for both the setting up of Picaflor House and its monthly running costs. If you’re ever in the South West of England, please let us know and we can point you in the direction of Jo’s stall where not only can you get your hands on a bargain, but you’ll also be supporting Picaflor House! Thank you for your continued support over the years, Jo!

Josephine supporting Picaflor House

Pachatusantrek is an organization that provides high-quality tourist services in the Cusco area such as treks and guided tours. They have been generously supporting Picaflor House through free transportation for the children on their days out. They also donate a percentage of their sales to us when customers indicate that they wish to help support Picaflor House. We are so grateful for their support!

The LATA Foundation

The Latin American Travel Association (LATA) is a group of various tourism operators who give back to their community by supporting projects like ours. In 2016 The LATA Foundation began helping us by updating Picaflor House’s English Teaching resources and financing an English speaking intern to implement a new programme. The funding went towards important materials such as textbooks, workbooks, and teachers’ resources like Audio CDs. We are thankful for LATA's continued support!


As well as helping us by providing us with an extra pair of hands, their time and ideas, individuals who come to volunteer at Picaflor House also make a monetary donation to the project, and our work would not be possible without them! Thank you to all of our past, future and current volunteers!

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