Yoeuy grew up in the Pouk District, a village near the Helping Hands School, where he is now making a significant impact as a part-time English teacher. He is the eldest of three siblings, with two younger brothers and parents who are farmers, Yoeuy’s early life was filled with responsibilities both at home and in his community.


Personal Growth & Achievements

Yoeuy often spent his weekends helping his parents with farming tasks such as tending to cows, pigs, and vegetables, which were sold to support the family. During his high school years, Youey volunteered at the Helping Hands School. He started his journey by working in the library, where he maintained its neatness, delved into historical studies, and read short stories to the students. After a year of managing the library, Youey transitioned into teaching.

He underwent six months of training focused on teaching English, which set the foundation for his future career. Notably, his youngest brother is currently a Grade 9 student at the same school. The turning point in Yoeuy’s educational journey came when he received a scholarship that allowed him to attend university and pursue a four-year teaching degree. This scholarship was pivotal in several ways.


Impact of the Scholarship

Educational Advancement: The scholarship enabled Yoeuy to improve his English skills and teaching techniques through extensive practice and practical training, especially in his final year at university.

Financial Relief: Without the financial support from the scholarship, Yoeuy doubts he would have been able to afford university education at a young age. The scholarship alleviated the financial burden, allowing him to focus on his studies.

Overcoming Challenges: Like many students, Yoeuy faced moments of exhaustion and found certain subjects challenging. However, the support from his classmates and the confidence gained from the scholarship helped him persevere. Over time, he grew more comfortable with teaching and gained confidence in his abilities


Career and Current Role

Inspired by his desire to give back to the community and a love for working with children, Youey chose to become an English teacher at the Helping Hands School, Prasat Char Cambodia. Reflecting on his journey, Youey credits his university education and the scholarship for preparing him well for his current role. The courses he took provided him with valuable teaching techniques and enhanced his language skills, enabling him to teach English more effectively. At the Helping Hands School, Yoeuy enjoys the vibrant energy of the children and the supportive environment created by his colleagues. He aims to equip his students with the skills needed to secure better jobs in the future, hoping that some might even become teachers themselves.

Gratitude and Future Aspirations

Yoeuy’s gratitude towards the scholarship providers is profound. He hopes that his education will not only benefit him but also positively impact his students, many of whom come from very poor families. By motivating them to keep going despite their challenges, he believes he can help them achieve a brighter future. His advice to future scholarship students is to study hard and take advantage of volunteering opportunities to learn from other teachers.

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