What you can do to help

Helping Hands would not exist without the invaluable support of our donors, champions and volunteers. With your help, we are able to provide a safe environment for the children of Prasat Char to receive education, nutritious breakfasts, and health and social care.  Your support enables us to empower the community to break out of the poverty cycle, and ultimately change their lives!

Read on to find out how you can give a helping hand, and support us in changing lives!


Helping Hands relies on the kindness and generosity of our donors to continue running and growing our Programme.  No matter how large or small, your donations are very gratefully received.  Even a small amount of money goes a long way in Cambodia, and can have a BIG impact on the Helping Hands Programme and local community!

You can donate monthly or make a one-time donation to support our work.  Take a look at our donation page to read about the different Programmes and Projects you can support.

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Helping Hands could not exist without all the volunteers who come from around the world to give their time to support our local staff.  We welcome a diverse range of people from different countries and backgrounds to come and volunteer with us.  Our volunteers usually support either our Education Programme or Food and Farming Programme.  Classroom based volunteers typically support our local teachers in English lessons, but also have the opportunity to get involved with Arts and Crafts, Music or Sports lessons.  Volunteers who support our Food and Farming Programme work in our on-site garden and assist with cooking breakfast for our students.  Whether you're interested in volunteering alone, with a friend or partner, or with a big group, we always welcome a helping hand!

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Become a Champion of Helping Hands

Helping Hands Champions are individuals or groups who are loyal supporters of Helping Hands.  These loyal Champions have supported us in a variety of ways, from making significant one-off or ongoing donations, to volunteering on multiple occasions. Their financial gifts help us to cover our running costs, to address urgent and unforeseen challenges and to continue developing our programmes.  Their support is invaluable to us, and they are all true heroes!

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