Creative Writing Workshop

Help our students find their voice and improve their creativity, self-confidence and English language skills.  Donate now to help us run a Writing Through workshop.

Become a Monthly Donor

Become a Monthly Donor and not only will you be helping to make Helping Hands sustainable, but you will be changing the lives of a whole community!

Here are some more great ways to help!
Happy Kids at Helping Hands

For jut $12.50 you could support one of our students with our Full Package for an entire month.  This includes Education, Nutrition and Health and Social Care!

Make a difference Today!

Help our students stay happy and healthy, and ready to learn! Donate today to support us in providing them with nutritious breakfasts and healthcare!

Help us today!

Donate today to help us develop our Sports Programme and provide our students with a well rounded education.

Donate today!

 Donate any amount that you can afford to help us to continue changing the lives of the children we support!  

Every little helps!

Breakfast time

Donate just $5 and you could pay for a student to have nutritious breakfasts for a whole month.

Donate today!

Notebooks and pencils

Help us get our students ready to learn by providing them with all the stationery supplies they need.

  Donate now!

Fundraiser Spotlight Graphic

Kiran, Telisha and Jayne, 3 qualified nurses from the UK are giving their time to volunteer at Helping Hands in March 2019.  In the run up to their visit they are fundraising to help support us with our running costs.

Take a look at their JustGiving page, and if you can spare any change, please consider making a donation to help them raise as much funds as possible.  All that they are able to raise, will go directly to supporting our Programme.

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