Your kind donations help us continue to support our Helping Hands Students!

Become a Monthly Donor

One off donations are amazing but monthly Donors support the long term goals and aspirations of the project as a whole. We rely on the generous donations made by our supporters to keep our programme running.  By committing to a monthly donation you ensure sustainability of our programme, and help us to look for ways to grow and improve, and ultimately plan for the long-term.

Sponsor One of Our Programmes

You can also choose to support any of our specific Helping Hands Programmes below!

For just $12.50 you could support one of our students for an entire month. This covers the cost of lessons, school uniform, nutritious breakfasts, and medical and social care for a child.  Your support could keep a child healthy and happy, and ensure they have the best possible chance at breaking out of a life of poverty.

Help our students stay happy and healthy, and ready to learn! Donate today to support Helping Hands in providing our students with nutritious breakfasts, healthcare & hygiene essentials!   Our Healthy Kids Programme ensures that our 300 students stay happy and healthy, and are full of energy to learn, play and just enjoy being kids!

Donate today to help us develop our Sports Programme and provide our students with a well rounded education. Our students love sports, so providing them with regular sports lessons allows them to build self-confidence, and learn valuable skills in communication, team work and sportsmanship in a fun environment! 

Donate just $5 and you could pay for a student to have nutritious breakfasts for a whole month. Our Breakfast Programme provides nutritious breakfasts for our students Monday—Friday, each week. We have an on-site garden where we grow delicious vegetables, fruit and herbs, which are used to make nutritionally balanced meals for our students each morning.

Help us get our students ready to learn by providing them with all the stationery supplies they need. Every student needs stationery to do their work and they also need stationery supplies to be able to enrol at the Government school.  We ensure all of our students have the necessary supplies to get them through their studies both at Helping Hands and the Government school.

Our University Scholarships support students with obtaining both Bachelors and Masters degrees. We support our Scholarship students with the application process, their fees and give them access to resources at our office. Students have gone on to become qualified nurses, and accountants, amongst other things, successfully obtaining jobs in their chosen field.

Even the smallest donation can make an impact on our community, and can support us in changing the lives of our students and their families. If we all join together in giving as much as we can afford, small amounts will soon add up to make BIG impacts!

Be The Change You Want To See In The World.