Globalteer is a UK-registered non-profit organisation, registered as an NGO in 2006. Globalteer's Helping Hands School provides a safe location for children to learn, play and grow. Where the students are provided with education, nutritious meal, health and social care. 

From the schools humble beginnings working with the Cambodian community  in providing education, sustainable agricultural development and emergency medical care, Helping Hands has grown to encompass a school and a holistic array of projects.

DEborah Groves"
helping hands school"
How it all started!

Deborah Groves an Australian photographer on her trip to Cambodia, visited the rural village of prasat char in 2005. Moved by poverty in which the villagers were living, she vowed to help! The community made a request for health care and education to be made available to them. Deborah set about obtaining funds and volunteers to help her get Helping Hands set up. Having sold much of her belongings and with some assistance from her brother, she raised enough funds to build a school, and in 2006, with the help of 90 villagers, Helping Hands School was built.

In April 2012, following a change in personal circumstances, Deborah had to say a hear felt goodbye to Helping Hands. She sought out a non-profit organisation with the same philosophy as her, and with the capacity and level of commitment to Cambodia to ensure the continuation. In April 2013, Deborah handed over the management of Helping Hands to UK registered NGO, Globalteer (charity no. 1119706), and it has grown sustainably to the holistic, community-led education and development work that we deliver to this day.

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Our Mission 

Supporting the rural Cambodian community in building a sustainable lifestyle and become self-reliant.

At Helping Hands, our aim is to give people a 'hand up', not a ‘hand out’.  We want to enable the Cambodian people to help themselves. Through education, we empower our students and their families towards a healthy life.  Our aim is to build up the pride and dignity of individuals, family units and the village community as a whole.

Helping Hands therefore works on the core principles of providing opportunities and support, rather than basic ‘giving’. At every stage we work with the community to understand the changing priorities of the village. Through meetings with the village chief, community elders, parents and teachers, we all work together to address the needs of the village.

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