Gap Year Volunteering

Gap Year Volunteering

After the long hard years of completing high school, more people are choosing to take a gap year before beginning further studies. In recent years, the concept of Gap Year Volunteering has also grown.

While taking a gap year is essentially about enjoying a break after many hard years of study, it is also the perfect opportunity to gain valuable life experiences that will help not only throughout university, but also after by gaining attractive traits and experiences that future employers highly value. And it is not just high school graduates who are choosing to take gap years. University is a hard challenge, and celebrating completing that milestone by taking a gap year before entering the work force is also becoming more common.

What is Gap Year Volunteering?

Simply, gap year volunteering is incorporating volunteering abroad into your gap year. Some people may choose to spend their whole gap year volunteering. Others choose a mix of travel and volunteering throughout their gap year. However you choose to incorporate volunteering into your gap year there are options for everyone. Not only will you have an unforgettable experience, you will also gain valuable life skills and a great additions to you CV that will make you stand out to future employers.

Volunteering during your gap year is also a great way to explore areas of interest; particularly if you are unsure of what path you would like to take with your future studies. Volunteering abroad inspires many people to change their career or study paths, so volunteering abroad during your gap year is a perfect opportunity to explore different fields you would like study or work in. For those taking a gap year post university, it is the perfect chance to gain experience in your field of study or give you inspiration for your high level degree.

What are my Options for Volunteering on my Gap Year?

There are gap year volunteering options to suit everyone. We have volunteer placements from 1 - 12 weeks. So those wanting to incorporate a little bit of volunteering here and there during your gap year you have the option to volunteer for shorter periods. Those wishing to spend more of their time volunteering have the option to volunteer for longer periods. And of course we have the option to combine placements or volunteer at multiple projects for those wishing to explore a range of options and experiences to help determine what path you would like to take after your gap year.

We also offer free internships for those wanting to gain experience in their field of study before entering the workforce. As more and more people choose to go to university, simply having a degree is not always enough to gain your dream job. Employers look for people to have plenty of work and valuable life experience. Taking on an internship abroad during your gap year is great addition to your CV to help you stand out to future employers.

What Kinds of Projects are Available for Gap Year Volunteering?

There is something for everyone. We have gap year volunteer programmes working with children and community development, wildlife conservation, working with animals, elephant sanctuaries and conservation projects. If you are interested in conservation, why not head deep into the amazon jungle of Peru to assist with Amazon Conservation or join the Sea Turtle Conservation project in Costa Rica. Want to see if teaching or working with children is for you? Then we have projects in Cambodia, Peru and Colombia that will give you the chance to try out your teaching abilities by assisting with teaching English, among other activities with the children.

You can also help rural communities by helping to provide them with access to clean, safe drinking water or help an indigenous tribe preserve their traditions and cultures. Love animals, and what experience working with them? Then we have several wildlife and animal projects in Latin America and South-East Asia including 3 Elephants Sanctuaries.

For those wanting to join us in our Peru or Cambodia office we have internships in the areas of Marketing, Communications, Events & Fundraising and Teaching Development.

Heading off to University after your Gap Year ? We also have an ambassador programme that you can become a part of to continue gaining valuable experience after your gap year to help further build your CV.

Where do I start?

Planning your gap year volunteering can seem like a daunting task! But we are here to help. Contact us and our expert team will be able to help you figure out how and where you can incorporate volunteering opportunities into your gap year! The best part about including Globalteer programmes into your gap year? (in addition to learning new skills and an amazing experience of course): our projects are well situated to explore many amazing sites and locations.

Volunteer at one of our projects in Peru and visit the magnificent Machu Picchu at the same time. Explore the wonderful Angkor Temples while volunteering in Cambodia. Relax on beautiful Thai beaches after volunteering with Elephants or Wildlife. In some cases our team may even be able to assist you with some of your additional tours as well. So contact us today and get started on your gap year volunteering journey.