Become a Globalteer Ambassador!

Do you want to become an Ambassador for a UK registered Charity?

Globalteer works internationally running projects overseas and supporting many local Non-Governmental Organisations. Our work involves working with disadvantaged children, animal care and conservation projects.
What is a Globalteer Ambassador?

A Globalteer Ambassador's role is to recruit volunteers for our overseas projects. Globalteer needs volunteers at our 22 projects in 9 countries. Volunteers work in Community Development & Children’s Projects, Wildlife Rescue & Animal Care, Elephant Sanctuaries and Conservation Projects.

The Ambassador programme is part of Globalteer's Charity Champion Programmewhere Champions will receive levels of award according to their involvement and support of Globalteer.

What does the Ambassador get?

Not only does the Globalteer Ambassador get the satisfaction of working for a UK Charity and supporting it's essential work overseas, the Ambassador will receive GBP£30 / US$40 per successful recruitment of volunteers. The money can be paid to the ambassador or donated directly to one of our projects to further support their amazing work.

This role is a great CV builder and Globalteer will be happy to act as a reference for future jobs. For some of our projects, the Ambassadors will be eligible for free volunteer placements.

What makes a great Ambassador?

A great Globalteer Ambassador has a passion to help, an outgoing & friendly personality and a desire to make a difference.

How many hours do I need to work?

You can work flexible hours to suit your schedule. 

How do I go about recruiting volunteers?

Ambassadors recruit volunteers in a variety of ways. You can post flyers on boards at Universities or attend University volunteer fairs. You can use social media to recruit volunteers. Why not ask your local newspaper to do an article on Volunteering Overseas?

Lead a Volunteer Group Overseas

If you are looking to travel yourself, then why not get a group together to receive even more financial benefits.

Who are Globalteer?

Globalteer is a UK Registered Charity, working overseas since 2006. We run projects working with children and communities and partner with many wildlife, animal care and conservation projects. To find out more you can read our About Us page

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