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Group Volunteering Abroad

Group volunteering is a great way for university groups, corporate groups, friends, classmates or colleagues to develop stronger relationships. Forge friendships and team building, united by the shared experience of volunteering abroad to help others.

What is Group Volunteering?

Group volunteering simply means that you work with your group on similar tasks as our individual volunteers as detailed on our project pages. Globalteer also creates specific programmes for group trips at certain project locations. If you are coming with your own group, you will travel together and share the whole experience with the other members of your team. They could be university colleagues, corporate group membersschool friends, members of a local community club or work colleagues.

Group trips to volunteer suit many people better than volunteering overseas alone or as a couple. This is particularly true when it comes to travelling to new and different places. As a group, you can share the experiences of just going out in the evenings or sightseeing trips.

It is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, volunteer overseas and build your CV. Or a great team building exercise! The skills you learn through group volunteering are valuable for future careers or academic achievements. You will also learn how to foster stronger professional relationships, gain skills needed for teamwork and discover the role of leadership.

When volunteering with a UK Registered Charity, you can be sure that your group trip with be worthwhile, ethical and responsible.

What kind of groups do you host?

Globalteer hosts a wide variety of groups including corporate volunteering groups, community groups and clubs, university groups and school groups. Your organisation may have a corporate social responsibility policy and wish to send your staff overseas on a volunteering trip. We are happy to discuss trips with any kind of group provided you fit in with our ethos.

Globalteer has hosted many university volunteer groups overseas and have partnerships with universities that return every year.

Occasionally we also host specialist groups who help us tackle specific challenges such as a group that came to build a greenhouse at our community project in Peru. Please contact us if your group has specialist skills to offer, and we will try to match you with a suitable project.

Tailor-made volunteering and cultural immersion trips

If you prefer, Globalteer can work closely with you and your group to design a tailor-made volunteering experience. This can include cultural exchange, service learning and trips to discover the wonders of the country you visit. We specialize in trips that genuinely provide worthwhile and much needed assistance to the projects and local community you volunteer with.

A tailor made experience can include many options including; language classes, a trip to Machu Picchu, a guided tour of Angkor Wat, a weekend excursion, a night of traditional food and entertainment or even a religious blessing at a Buddhist temple. Wherever you are heading, our experienced team can recommend a host of activities for you.

It is a great opportunity to positively impact a local community in the developing world. Additionally learn about a local culture and how international development affects a local community and country. In many cases you are also able to share cultural differences from your home country and together learn something new. Maybe you will be brave enough to share a popular children's song in English at one of the Community Projects that specialize in teaching and children’s education and growth.

"Our students have noticeably grown in confidence and their leadership skills have improved."

UK school group teacher, Peru community Project.

Skills in demand

For our education-based projects working with children, we normally require that volunteers have a good knowledge of spoken and written English. For Animal Care and Conservation Projects, a good level of fitness is important as the work can be physical. Other than that, a willingness to get stuck in and help is the most important quality you could have!

We are happy to discuss any special requirements or skills your group has and how they can be used. Our aim is always to find the best way of harnessing our volunteers’ enthusiasm and willingness to help!

"It was really great - we felt very welcome and supported and I would definitely come back."

UK University group student, Cambodia Community Project.

Which Globalteer projects host groups?

Almost all of our projects can host a wide variety of groups of varying sizes. Depending on your requirements, budget and what you want to get out of the trip, some projects will be better suited to your group than others. Talk with us so we can help you choose the best project for your group and to ensure your group trip is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

With Globalteer's regional offices based in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Cusco, Peru, these locations are the most popular group destinations due to the unrivalled support we can provide.

Check out all our volunteer abroad programmes to see which project you think your group would be best suited to.

Corporate group volunteering abroad"
Group volunteering overseas"

What's included in a group volunteering package?

All group packages can include anything that is included in our standard volunteer packages, as detailed on the project pages. This could be all your pre-departure information, travel and health advice, airport pick-ups, transfers, accommodation, in-country support; additionally in some cases all your meals and language classes too!

We are happy to build in additional elements such as excursions and private daily transportation to your project. Additionally we also have travel partners who can help you with flights and insurance.

Charity group volunteering abroad"

How much does it cost?

You can use the prices on our individual project pages as a guide. Bear in mind that any tailor-made group trip may cost more - or less - depending on your group's requirements – for example if you want an upgrade hotel or excursions with guides.

Be a group leader and you could get a free place!

If you can get together a group of ten or more friends or colleagues, then your placement could be free. Contact us if you’d like to find out what’s involved in being a group leader, and we’ll be happy to help you get started. We can guide you through the process of recruiting, fund raising and organising your group trip!

"Thank you so much for creating memories for us that we will never forget."

Year 11 school group student, Peru Community Project.

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