Interning in Cusco

What's it Like Interning in Cusco for Globalteer?

Thinking about interning for Globalteer and want some more insight into what life is like as an intern? Read about Evie's experience as the Gift Giving Strategist in Cusco from November 2019.

Evie's experience:

"I interned with Globalteer from November 2019 – February 2020 as a Gift Giving Strategist as part of the fundraising team. The role consisted of researching for opportunities where I could apply for funding, writing grant applications and promoting Globalteer’s projects. I also wrote content for social media and newsletters. It’s a really varied role and such a relaxed office atmosphere that you can kind of make the role your own.

There was a lot of freedom as well. The staff at Globalteer are so supportive and encouraging towards new ideas! The team has meetings every week so you feel supported by your colleagues and can share ideas. But, I also enjoyed the level of responsibility that I had and the opportunity to work on my own projects independently. Additionally, I had the opportunities to go and meet the beneficiaries of the charity’s projects at the Women’s Empowerment Project in Pinagua. I also visited Picaflor House in Oropoesa, as well as visiting the dog shelter in Cusco, all of which I really enjoyed. It was great to see where the money I was raising goes and to know that staff at Globalteer genuinely care about helping local people and animals.

Evie Intern Machu Picchu"
Dog Shelter Cusco"
Evie Intern Humantay"

One of the great aspects of interning with Globalteer is that you can live (and eat!) for free in the intern house. There were 8 other interns living there when I arrived. They were all from different countries which created an interesting cultural exchange. The house had a ‘studenty’ vibe, which was relaxing to come home to, and the other interns were so lovely! I would recommend to any future interns to stay in the house as it’s a great way to meet people.

Living in Cusco

There is so much to do in Cusco, from markets, restaurants and nightlife to museums and Inca ruins, to visiting villages and doing hikes in the nearby mountain areas. However, the altitude does take a little getting used to. Therefore, it’s good to take it easy at the beginning of your time in Cusco. The city has a vibrant and safe atmosphere, there’s always things going on. And it’s so colourful!

Overall, it’s a really cheap place to live. This is great as there’s so many trips you can save your money for, such as to Arequipa, Huacachina, and the Amazon. Machu Picchu is of course a must do and there’s a variety of treks to get you there. Therefore, it’s good to shop around and see which is best for you. I also loved the opportunity to practice speaking Spanish with local people who were really friendly. Something that pleasantly surprised me was the public transport. Buses are so cheap and frequent (once you make sense of how they work!). All in all, Cusco is a fantastic place to visit and living there you get to experience all it has to offer without trying to cram it all in!

The Next Step!

I’ve just received a job offer from a charity in London for a fundraising role; which my internship at Globalteer definitely helped me achieve. The charity sector in the UK is extremely competitive. So, having a relevant work experience internship to talk about in applications was very benefical. I’m really grateful for having had this experience at Globalteer and looking forward to what it will help me achieve in the future!" - Evie, Gift Giving Intern.