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Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more organisations are recognising the need to operate in more responsible and sustainable ways. In addition to ensuring they are operating in sustainable ways, many are also looking outside of their own organisation to see how they can give back to and contribute to the wider community, both locally and globally. There is a wide variety of ways an organisation can contribute to the wider community including;

  • Providing employees with paid days off for volunteering
  • Organising fundraising events for various causes
  • Donating part of sales to Charities
  • Workplace giving and donation matching programmes
  • Organising group volunteering activities for employees
  • Providing free or discounted advertising space to Non-profits
  • Providing discounted or free programmes or software to Charities

Corporate social responsibility programmes are a great way for organisations to demonstrate their values and lead by example. It signals to their customers and employees that they are a responsible company and thereby, encourages them to do the same. Charitable activities and programmes not only enhance the company culture; activities such as volunteering can also boost employee happiness and productivity.

Educational Institutes

Charitable partnerships are not only limited to organisations, but many educational institutions also emphasis social responsibility to their students. Partnering with a Charity not only demonstrates responsible values of an institute, but it also encourages our next generation of leaders to take our responsibility to the community and world seriously. There are many ways to achieve this, such as encouraging students to hold fundraisers and events for chosen causes or encouraging students to volunteer.

Another great option is to arrange service learning and cultural exchange trips abroad for students. These trips not only provide opportunities to grow and learn outside the classroom, but it also gives students a chance to see first-hand different types of projects abroad and how they impact communities.

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Become a Globalteer Partner

Globalteer works with some great corporate and educational partners that support our many projects. If you would like to expand your organisation's social responsibility to include working with and supporting a UK Charity and our overseas projects, get in contact using the form below.

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