Globalteer recently celebrated a sports festival at its Helping Hands School in Cambodia. The team planned a day full of fun activities and which was met with a lot of enthusiasm from everyone in the village and beyond, including energetic volunteers to other humble guests. Kids enjoyed a day of sports and proud parents were able to cheer their children on! 

sports day

Globalteer's Sports Festival

Sport bonds people with different backgrounds and teaches them important life lessons. Therefore, the Globalteer Sports Programme uses sport as a way of engaging children in skills such as leadership, teamwork and fair play. By combining sports and a social cause, we can support children in not only learning about the sports but also with life tools such as confidence building, assertiveness and finding their voice. And we were extremely happy to see it all come together on the day! 

sports day"
sports day"
sports festival 2019"

Opening Ceremony

The event was graced by our guests of honour: the eight directors of the neighbouring schools, the village chief who underlined the importance and benefit of sports through his speech, and our generous donors who helped to make this event possible. The event was well-managed by our Sports Programme Manager and Assistant Manager who made sure that the children were good sportsmen and could appreciate being a part of the games more than winning. That is one of our founding principles and was therefore an important factor for the festival. 

guests of honor"

The event began with the children marching, followed by speeches welcoming our guests of honour. The games commenced after the Cambodian National Anthem was sung by everyone and as the sun started to generously shine upon us, telling us to start before it got any hotter!  

Fun Begins!

The fesitval began with the individual events such as, running race, sack race, long jump and proceeded with the team events such as relay race, football and volleyball. While the children took part in the games, the volunteers were either busy cheering, helping the coaches or painting our very new 'Volunteers around the world flag' wall. The Sports Day also had fun games like musical chairs and tug of war to end the activities with a laugh.

sack race sports day "
sports day 2019"
sports festival 2019"

Prize Ceremony

The day ended with a prize ceremony for all the winners and honouring all children for participating. The event has acted as a test run for an even bigger sports festival, that our sports project is aiming for in the beginning of next year, and the success  of the test run promises something big for the next event! It will include participation of the children from all schools enrolled in our sports programme. Stay tuned and don't forget to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more updates! These kids are on the path of a great future and you sure don't want to miss out on their incredible journey.

sports day"
prize ceremony"
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Manali is a Digital Marketing intern at Globalteer. Originally from India and living in Ireland, she is out here venturing on her sabbatical leave. With a degree in Electronics and telecommunication, she realized her true passion is marketing. She is working on Globalteer sports programme and other grass-root projects.


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