Sponsor Our Sports Shirts!

Here is a great way to get involved with our organisation and be a good sport!


Sponsor our kids by purchasing their sports shirts. A donation of £250 / US$300 will cover 15 sports shirts for our kids, and we'll put your organisation's logo on them! If you want to sponsor more, you can!

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Sponsor Team Shirts
Why contribute?

The children we work with live in a remote area of Cambodia and have previously not had an opportunity to learn sports. However, through our programme and with your support, they are now able to learn sports in a safe environment with trained coaches.

Additionally, the kids live in areas of extreme poverty and have very few pieces of their own clothing – usually just one uniform for school and one set of clothes for everything else. Providing them with a proper shirt for sporting activities will be a wonderful gift and contribute to a feeling of group identity and belonging.

We are already working with thousands of kids, and hope to reach even more children. With your donation, you will be working together with Globalteer in empowering children through sports in the rural areas of Cambodia.

What happens after?

Once you have contributed, we will provide you pictures of the children wearing their shirts with your logo proudly displayed. You can use them for your website and social media and promote yourselves as being proud sponsors of Globalteer's Sports Programme and a great cause!

Be a Good Sport! Become a Sponsor Now!

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