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Globalteer's Awards, Supporters & Partners

2020 GoAbroad Award Winner

Our Women's Empowerment project won the 2020 GoAbroad Innovation in Philanthropy Award. The award, sponsored by the GoAbroad Foundation, recognises philanthropic efforts that have impacted an individual, group or community.

iF World Design Social Impact Prize

The iF World Design Social Impact Prize supports projects that make a significant contribution to society. The prize recognises projects that address one (or more) of the UN Sustainable Development goals. Picaflor House was one of the 2020 recipients of the prize.


Salesforce is a cloud-based software company providing Customer Relationship Management software. As part of their corporate social responsibility programme they offer paid leave for volunteering to their employees, which has lead a group of employees to use that initiative to join us to volunteer with elephants!

Pet Plan Charitable Trust

Founded in 1994, the Petplan Charitable Trust has a simple mission to promote the health and welfare of animals in the UK and beyond. Pet Plan has provided a grant to support our education and human behaviour change project for our PAWS (Peru Animal Welfare Society) initiative. Thanks to their grant we are working to change attitudes towards roaming dogs in rural villages of Peru.

The QATO Fonden

The QATO Fonden works to ensure and promote animal welfare, including supporting our PAWS (Peru Animal Welfare Society) initiative. Thanks to their kind grant we will be able to carry out even more of our health and sterilisation campaigns in our mobile clinic to help Cusco's street dog population.

Animal Friends 

Animal Friends Pet Insurance is a leading UK insurance company with a strong focus on supporting animal charities both in the UK and around the world. They provided a generous grant to PAWS to help support the running costs of our health care and neutering campaigns.

The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust

The Jean Sainsbury Trust was set up in 1982 to help support animal welfare charities, including our PAWS (Peru Animal Welfare Society) initiative. Thanks to their kind grant we will be able to carry out even more of our health and sterilisation campaigns in our mobile clinic to help Cusco's street dog population.

Local Charities Worldwide

Local Charities Worldwide was set up to help people who want to support small local charities around the world but where unsure how to find them. They promote small local charities to help people who want to support them find them, including Picaflor House, PAWS (Peru Animal Welfare Society), the Women's Empowerment Project and the Sports Project.

Tällberg / Eliasson Global Leadership Prize

Our Founder, Jim Elliott, has been nominated for the Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize. The prize is awarded annually to outstanding leaders around the globe. The award looks at those whose work is innovative, courageous, rooted in universal values and global in implication.

Reborn Aura

Reborn Aura is reconnecting people to their inner beauty through the use of natural and organic ingredients. The Reborn movement pushes the limits of traditional makeup and challenges customers to think not only about the future of their bodies but also the future of their environment. As a socially responsible company they also aim to give back, and a percentage of each of their mascaras sold goes toward Helping Hands!

The LATA Foundation

The LATA Foundation is working to support social and environmental projects throughout Latin America. They bring together all types of travel and tourism operators to give back to the countries in which they operate. Through generous grants, they support the English & literacy programmes at Picaflor House.

The Summerlee Foundation

The Summerlee Foundation is a mission-driven organisation with a strong desire to tackle significant issues in animal protection and welfare. A generous grant from the foundation enabled us to buy and kit out our mobile veterinary clinic for our PAWS initiative. The mobile clinic enables us to better tackle the street dog issue in Cusco by going into villages surrounding Cusco to carry out our health and neutering campaigns where they are most needed.

The SOL Foundation

The SOL Foundation aims to use the power of sports to enhance the lives and prospects of underprivileged and vulnerable children. Through their generous grant, we have been able to restart and revitalise the Cambodia Sports project, which empowers children in Siem Reap through sport. Without our sports programme most of these children would not have access to sports.

The SAGA Charitable Trust

The SAGA Charitable Trust assists projects in a developing country providing access to better quality healthcare and education. Through their grant, we were able to build the new classrooms and facilities at Helping Hands when we relocated to a larger site.

Open the World

Open the World aims to connect people with meaningful experiences abroad. They feel aligned to Globalteer's values and projects and promote some of our volunteer opportunities.


GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors and communities. Through them, we are able to reach a wider source of donations and funders. They also provide generous tools, training and support needed to be more effective in gaining donors and funding.

The Bloom Foundation

The Bloom Foundation works to address issues surrounding Maternal Mental Health, creating partnerships with various nonprofits to find solutions that make a lasting difference. Their kind donations support our various activities and programmes at Helping Hands.

Khelo Play

Khelo is a nonprofit dedicated to providing access to quality playgrounds at schools across the globe. Their underlying belief is that play offers children a tremendous opportunity to learn while providing further incentive to attend school. Thanks to their generous donation we were able to build a new playground at Picaflor House in 2019.

Women's Empowerment Coalition

The Women's Empowerment Coalition aims to connect people with initiatives for Women's Empowerment. They aim to combat global gender inequality by creating a network of international initiatives working for women rights and women's empowerment. Thanks to their kind donations and the help of a great group of their volunteers we were able to build the first Cuy Houses to kick start our Women's Empowerment project in Peru.

The Giving Lens

The Giving Lens is a community of photographers who give back around the world. They run unique international travel photography workshops with a humanitarian twist. During their trips, they volunteer part of their time and talents to local NGOs by documenting their time and proving workshops to communities and youths. Post-trip they share the profits of their images with the projects they support. They have made regular trips and donations to support Picaflor House over the years.

Amigo Loans

Amigo Loans is a leading UK Guarantor Loan Provider. They aim to give people a chance to borrow even if they don't have a perfect credit score. As part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives, they conduct volunteering trips for their employees, which we have hosted at Helping Hands.

Durham University

The Durham University Charity Kommitee strives to empower students, staff and locals to make a difference by engaging in charitable activities. Each year groups of students travel to various locations worldwide to volunteer abroad. In the lead up to their trips, they host fundraisers to raise funds to support their chosen projects. Through our partnership, groups from Durham volunteer at our projects each summer.

Redlands University

Redlands University recognises that all learning does not happen inside the classroom. They strive to offer a diverse range of activities and opportunities for learning and growth, including international volunteer trips. Volunteer groups from Redlands have joined us in Cambodia to help out at our community projects in Siem Reap.

University of Leeds

Leeds University Student Union aims to makes sure students love their time at Leeds. They provide various activities and societies to further enhance the university experience and create further opportunities for learning, growth and leadership. This also includes international group volunteer trips, where groups from the university have joined us at the Borneo Marine Conservation project.

MSD Singapore

MSD is an innovative, global healthcare leader that is committed to improving health and well-being around the world. As part of their corporate social responsibility programme they give employees paid leave for volunteering each year. This lead a group of employees to join us in Cambodia to support our work at Community projects in Siem Reap.

Pachatusan Trek

Pachatusan Trek is a tour operator in Cusco that has a heavy emphasis on responsible and sustainable tourism. Their emphasis is on social, economic and environmental aspects combined with the development of sustainable tourism. In addition to providing volunteer groups with exceptional tours, they also support activities at Picaflor House and help facilitate our partnership with Pack for a Purpose.

Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose encourages travellers to give up a small space in their luggage to pack much-needed supplies for community projects in their destination. They list projects worldwide, each with a list of needed supplies and the drop of point for the donations, to make it as easy as possible for the travellers.

Pipers Corner School

Pipers is an independent girls school that believe education is about the development of the whole person. They encourage their students to grow and learn by finding their passion through a range of extra-curricular activities. They also strongly encourage service-learning as an avenue for growth. To facilitate this they conduct service-learning abroad trips for students and have regularly undertaken this at Picaflor House.

BEETA Educational Group

BEETA is a professional education consulting organisation in Canada that assists students from China studying in Canada. They help students and their parents navigate the differences in the schooling systems. Additionally, they assist with long term education plans and admissions for universities in the USA and Canada. They also conduct a wide range of leadership and cultural exchange programmes to promote experiential and interactive learning. As part of their cultural exchanges, they have joined us in Peru and Cambodia.

Volunteers and Donors

Over the years we have placed over 5000 volunteers at a community,  wildlife and conservation projects in Latin America and South-East Asia. In additional to their hard work at the projects, part of the volunteer placement fee goes directly to the project to support their work. We also have numerous individual donors, whos kind donations make a big difference in supporting the projects.

Volunteers at Thailand wildlife sanctuary