Jim Elliott, Founder

Having spent many years in Cusco, Jim is no stranger to the street dog problem. In fact it is one of the first things he noticed when he arrived. Through Globalteer he began to support local shelters; providing them with both volunteers and financial support. While recognising the shelters do amazing work to care for the animals they rescue he was still all to aware that the issues contributing to the street dog numbers still needed to be addressed. After trying to find organisations, or local municipalities trying to address the issues, he realised not much was actually being done. So he decided he would need to be the one to come up with a plan to tackle the problem and PAWS was born.

PAWS Peru Animal Welfare Society Founder, Jim Elliott
Lucho, Project Coordinator

Lucho was motivated to work with PAWS because he likes their social orientation. He has the important role of administrating actions, resources and drive us as a team to a main goal. He has plenty of experience in administration, as he has worked for many years in trading houses and even had his own company. He enjoys working with PAWS, getting to know the animals and the people.

Dog project Cusco Peru staff
Q’antu, Head Vet

Q’antu joins the PAWS team as our head vet with plenty of experience, as she has worked at 3 vet clinics under the role of head vet and assisting vet. She also has her own private practice in her hometownQantu was drawn to the position with PAWS because she always wanted to participate in a social aid collective that helps those in need. In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, dancing and watching videos.  


Head vet at animal welfare project Cusco Peru
Krisna, Veterinary Assistant

Krisna is our veterinary assistant, she assists our full time staff on surgery days. An extra assistant during our neutering campaigns helps ensure the best care for the dogs and cats during and after surgeries. She was drawn to working with PAWS because she would like to help animals that do not have access to veterinary care. She has experience working in a vet clinic in Cusco and two vet clinics in Puno. In her spare time she likes traveling and learning. 

Veterinary assistant at Dog welfare project Cusco, Peru
Mirella, Veterinary Assistant

Mirella will be working alongside Q’antu as our veterinary assistant. She has wanted to work with PAWS because she loves animals (especially cats). Mirella has the important role of assisting Q’antu on surgeries, health days, and taking care of the animals postoperative. In her spare time she enjoys dancing. 

Veterinary assistant at Dog welfare project Cusco, Peru
Alan, Driver and Admin Assistant

Alan has the important job of getting our mobile clinic out to the villages where it is most needed. During campaigns he plays the essential role of ensuring we have up to date, and accurate records; Registering the animals brought to the campaigns, along with their conditions and health information and keeping records of treatments and vaccinations provided. As well as creating photographic records of the animals for easier identification when needed. He was drawn to PAWS because he loves animals and has always wanted to work for a group that helps and supports dogs. In his spare time he likes singing. 

Dog project Cusco Peru staff