Life as an Intern Abroad

Life as an Intern in Cusco with Globalteer - what can you expect?

Life as an intern abroad with Globalteer means you will always have people around you in the volunteer house. Here, you live with other interns as well as volunteers. You will thereby have someone to ask questions that might come up, as you enter a new country on your own. It is also valuable to have someone with whom you can explore the city as well as surrounding areas, and share your experiences.

Through living abroad, you have the chance to get to know a new culture which in itself is a rewarding experience. On the weekends, and after work you will have time to take trips, hikes, bike rides, or walk through the streets and take it all in.


As an intern with Globalteer, you get an insight in how an international NGO in organised. You will be included in how the programmes are developed and how they progress. In the office, you have people around you that you can ask questions and learn more. Being on site also gives the rewarding experience of actually living in the community that the organisation is working for. You get to visit the programmes and see the faces of the people in the community. This is extremely motivating, and it is a rare work experience that many people dream of.

Your experience with Globalteer will be a learning experience, where you see development work in action. This can be a great opportunity if you are in the beginning of your career. However, it is just as relevant for someone who has already worked for a while, but wants a career break. This can widen your perspective and be an opportunity to experience something new! There is a wide range of skills that will be appreciated in an international NGO like Globalteer. You will also be able to learn about a culture different from your own. This will be part of an interesting process where several cultures come together and work towards a common goal.



One challenge you’ll might experience as an intern abroad can be adapting to a new culture. There will be many unforeseen differences that you will discover little by little. You’ll might also experience a language barrier. In the cities where we have our internships, Siem Reap and Cusco, you will meet a great number of people who do not speak English. Perhaps this can be an opportunity to learn a new language? Patience is important as you explore new cultures. Therefore, take every step as a part of the adventure and a great learning experience.

As an intern, you will have to settle into a new routine and find yourself far from people that you know. Taking off alone to a new country can always be a challenge. However, this transition is something most people adapt to very well with time. In the end, it will often be a strengthening experience, where you learn a lot about yourself and grow as a person.


As well as the growth you experience from going abroad alone, a great benefit of the internship abroad is the professional experience. As our organisation is small, everyone is relatively close to the programmes. Therefore, everyone is included in what’s going on. As an intern with Globalteer you get to experience this in a safe environment, with people around that know the area well. They will be with you from the moment you arrive at the airport.

In the cities where we offer our internships, our interns have the benefit of finding themselves in an amazing city. Both places have a lot to offer for visitors, included warm and welcoming people. In the city centre, as well as outside. Interning abroad, you will be able to discover new places with the company of other travellers. Or, you can explore places where you will find that local people go, such as markets or restaurants.

No matter which internship you choose, life as an intern will be an adventure that you benefit from on different levels. You will meet new like-minded people and perhaps make friends from around the world. If you are interested doing an internship with us, contact our staff with any questions you’ll might have. We are here to help and we will be happy to hear from you. Enjoy your adventure!