Conservation Volunteering Abroad

Responsible Conservation Volunteering Abroad! In Latin America & South-East Asia with a UK Charity.

Conservation Volunteering Abroad the responsible way! Indeed, Globalteer is dedicated to supporting ethical conservation projects in South East Asia & Latin America. So, volunteer to help projects working to protect & save our wildlife and environment!

Conservation Volunteering Abroad

You can volunteer overseas with Conservation Volunteering Projects assisting conservation efforts in various locations. So, volunteer in the Amazon Rainforest or on a beautiful small island Restoring Coral Reefs. You can help protect Sea Turtles in Costa Rica! Also, assist with Wildlife Conservation & Rescue or at an Elephant Sanctuary working to protect the remaining wild Elephant population. Therefore, put your passion for conservation to use and learn new skills at these amazing projects.

There are volunteer programmes in Peru, Borneo, Costa Rica and Cambodia. So, whether you are looking for wildlife conservation volunteering; or wanting to help conserve and protect marine life or sea turtle; or maybe you are interested in Amazon conservation or animal conservation? Seems like, you will find something for you!

If you have a passion for conservation work and want to help make this planet a better place; then see our options for conservation volunteering abroad below!

Volunteering in Marine & Sea Turtle Conservation

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Lets Get Started on Your Journey Volunteering in Conservation!

Peru Amazon Conservation Project

Conservation volunteering abroad in the Peruvian Amazon; in an idyllic setting deep within the Amazon rainforest of Peru. Volunteers live and work in the amazon to protect the forest that still habours endangered species such as jaguars, pumas, ocelots, tapirs, sloths, anacondas, river otters, caiman and a myriad of others. Manú is a major biodiversity hotspot.

Borneo Marine Conservation

The marine conservation project focuses on protecting and replanting coral reefs damaged by 45 years of illegal blast fishing. Damaged reefs offer no hiding places for fish; and blast-rubble scattered over the sea floor leaves bare sand, which supports few species. You can also gain your PADI certification while volunteering.

Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation

The Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation project focuses on  the conservation of four species of sea turtles; the Oliver Ridley, Pacific Black & the occasional Leatherbacks & Hawksbills. The project's main objective is to alleviate the natural and man-made threats that affect the turtle's nests.

Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary

The Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary is based at the head of a beautiful jungle valley in Eastern Cambodia; it provides elephants with the most natural living environment possible. Dedicated to animal welfare the project also works tirelessly in elephant conservation to protect Cambodia's remaining wild elephant population.

Malaysia Sea Turtle Conservation
The Malaysia Sea Turtle Conservation Project focuses primarily on creating a database of turtles in the area so they can produce effective conservation plans. They also help conservation efforts with beach patrols to help protect nests from poachers. Assist with conservation efforts to save the sea turtles.
Peru Marine Conservation Project

Marine conservation volunteering abroad in the north of Peru. This project focuses on promoting and contributing to the conservation of the marine ecosystems in the Southeast Pacific. This programme takes a holistic approach to conservation through scientific research, sustainability management, environmental education and inter-agency collaboration.

Volunteer Abroad in Conservation

Conservation volunteering abroad is a unique opportunity for individuals to make a meaningful impact on global wildlife and ecosystems while immersing themselves in a new culture and gaining valuable work experience. By participating in conservation programs, volunteers can work alongside local experts to preserve endangered species and protect natural habitats around the world.

Conservation volunteering abroad programs are available for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Some programs focus on hands-on conservation work, such as monitoring wildlife populations, collecting data, and assisting with research projects. Other programs may involve more community-based work, such as educating local communities about conservation efforts or working on sustainable agriculture projects.

Many conservation volunteering abroad programs are located in remote and stunningly beautiful natural areas, such as rainforests, deserts, and coral reefs. These programs provide a unique chance to experience and learn about different cultures, customs and way of life, while also making a positive impact on the environment.

Gain Valuable skills while supporting conservation efforts

Conservation volunteering abroad is also a great way to gain valuable work experience in the field of conservation. Many programs offer opportunities for volunteers to learn about different conservation techniques, technologies, and best practices from experienced professionals. This experience can be invaluable for those interested in pursuing a career in conservation or environmental science.

Conservation volunteering abroad is a rewarding and unique experience that allows individuals to make a meaningful impact on global wildlife and ecosystems, while also gaining valuable work experience, and immersing themselves in a new culture. With a wide range of programs available, there is a conservation volunteering opportunity for everyone. So, if you're passionate about conservation and want to make a difference in the world, consider volunteering to help our planet.

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