Our Story

The Women's Empowerment Project is part of the Gloablteer initiative. Globalteer is a UK Registered Charity which makes a difference by creating lasting change for the communities we serve. We achieve this through initiatives in education, community development, wildlife rescue and environmental conservation. Globalteer runs projects for children, communities and animal care. We also support our overseas partners by sending volunteers and financial support.

At Globalteer we work closely with communities to find solutions that serve them rather than imposing our belief on them. We understand that working with the communities is the best way to create solutions that are sustainable. It was through the close relationship with communities that the Women's Empowerment Project was born. We recognised that women in Peru needed help to gain more control in their lives to be able to support their families. Like all our projects, we tailor made a solution to help the women in a way that's sustainable for them.

As a UK Register Charity, the Charity Commission conducts audits on our finances. Therefore, you can rest assure that any kind donation you make is being use responsibility to make a difference and help the women we support!

Chicas Unidas

Chicas Unidas Globalteer logo

The Chicas Unidas project is our newest addition to the women's empowerment initiative. The project will start this year in Cusco, Peru. We recognised a need for addressing topics such as sexual health, girls rights and self-esteem in Cusco's rural communities. These themes are often left out of discussion in schools. Additionally, girls don't always feel comfortable talking about them with their families. Therefore, we have initiated a project in Huayllarcocha to give the girls a safe space to develop their understanding on these issues.


Jim Elliot, Globalteer Founder & General Manager

Jim founded Globalteer in 2006 to help match carefully selected projects and NGO with much needed volunteers. He has lived in both Siem Reap, Cambodia and Cusco, Peru where Globalteer's 2 offices are located. During his time in both Siem Reap and Cusco he recognised varying needs in the communities that should be addressed. His passion to help people has driven him to find ways to tackle these problems and help the communities.

Jim Elliott Globalteer Founder and General Manager
Luz Chapi, Community Programme Manager

Luz has been with Globalteer for 5 years and is passionate about her work and helping people. In addition to running our after-school education Programme, Picaflor House, Luz is in charge of identifying new initiatives to help local communities. By working closely with the communities she is able to identify long-term, sustainable solutions that address real needs. Luz speaks Spanish, English and the local indigenous language, Quechua; which is extremely useful to her work as many people in rural villages of Peru only speak Quechua.

Community Programme Manager, Womens Empowerment Project Peru