How to Help

Our work to help women in Peru would not be possible without the kind donations of our supporters. With their support we have been able to get women setup with their businesses. The more help we get the more women we can help!

We greatly appreciate all donations, no matter the size. Below are some examples of how your donations or fundraising efforts can help the project! Examples shown are in USD.
$10 - will provide transport for  a team member to reach a rural village
$30 - will provide a door for 1 guinea pig house
$50 - will provide starter guinea pigs for 1 woman
$126 - will provide starter plants & seeds plus fertiliser for 1 greenhouse
$150 - will provide training in best practices and classes in guinea pig care or organic farming
$210 - will provide an irrigation system for 1 greenhouse
$500 - will provide enough adobe bricks to build one guinea pig house
$1,780 - will provide all the material to build one 90m2 greenhouse, including irrigation system
$2,137 - will provide all the materials, labour and training to create one complete guinea pig buisness