Choosing Your Volunteer Project

Which Globalteer project is right for you?

Choosing a volunteer project that suits you best can be a difficult task. Especially when there are so many worthwhile opportunities on offer!

We hope this flowchart can help you choose a volunteer project by narrowing down the Globalteer opportunities to the ones which best fit your interests. Afterwards, when you know which projects you’re suited to, you can look at detailed project information before making your final decision. If you’d rather explore an overview of all our projects, read on for the key information for each one below.

Don’t forget you can always visit the Volunteer Programmes tab on the Globalteer website for detailed information on every project we offer!

Animal Wildlife and Conservation Volunteering

Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary

As a volunteer at our Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary, you can live and work closely with the elephants. You will walk them into the forest to forage, observe their daily activities, participate in elephant care and research, and take part in jungle conservation efforts as well as general sanctuary upkeep. Most weekdays include time spent hiking through the forest, so a moderate level of fitness is required. Weekends are free for you to do with what you please, so you can explore Cambodia, or take time to relax.

Sound like your kind of thing?

Cambodia Cat and Dog Welfare

Interested in improving animal welfare, and helping maintain a safe place for former street cats and dogs? If yes, then our Cambodia Cat and Dog Welfare project might be for you! The project rescues and cares for suffering cats and dogs in Cambodia and works to improve education surrounding animal care. This project hopes to create a sustainable solution to the problem of poor animal welfare and neglect of cats and dogs in Cambodia.

If you’d like to help achieve these goals, you can find more information on the project by contacting us!

Cambodia Bear Rescue Sanctuary

Join us in our bear sanctuary to help create a safe, fun environment in which to care for bears rescued from a variety of cruel backgrounds. Work alongside the local Khmer staff, feeding the bears, making toys for them and ensuring they have safe grounds to live on. You are free to spend your weekends exploring  Cambodia or take the time to relax after a busy week of bear-care.

If this amazing project interests you, take a look at the full details on the project page!

Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary

Join us at our Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary to help care for the animals of Sulawesi Island. These animals have been rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, local bush meat industry and exotic pet and ‘medicinal’ market. Spend your days on the coastal headland of this tropical island, helping to prepare food, feed the animals and maintain the sanctuary. With one day off per week to relax, you’ll need to have a passion for wildlife conservation and be physically fit in order to work at this amazing project.

Thailand Elephant Sanctuary

If working closely with elephants at an ethically run sanctuary sounds like a bit of you, then our Thailand Elephant Sanctuary may be for you! Spend your days walking with the elephants to forage in the forest and bathe in the lake. In addition, you will care for them by maintaining the sanctuary, collecting food for them and washing them when they need.

This is our most popular project, so make sure to register your interest quickly to reserve a space!

Thailand Wildlife Sanctuary

The Thailand Wildlife Sanctuary takes in a huge variety of animals, such as gibbons, bears, crocodiles, otters, birds and more. Helping any and all species they can, of all shapes and sizes, the sanctuary aims to rehabilitate badly animals. They also recreate an environment as close to that of their wild habitats for those which can’t be re-released. There is also an education centre on site, which teaches local communities about the importance of conservation and animal welfare. Spend six days a week working in these special surroundings, and spend your day off exploring the local area or relaxing in nature. 

Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary

The Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary provides a safe, natural haven for elephants rescued from exploitation. Work alongside the elephant keepers to prepare food, harvest crops, maintain the sanctuary and care for these magnificent animals. With weekends free, you are able to travel this beautiful part of Thailand, take in the sights, or simply relax after a rewarding 5 days. With a shorter maximum stay than most other projects, at 4 months, you can take time before or after to explore all the country has to offer.

Couple with elephant"
Indonesia Orangutan "
Volunteer group with elephant"
Laos Wildlife Sanctuary

This project was set up in 2015, and remains the only official wildlife release centre in Laos. Without the sanctuary, wildlife laws would go unenforced, rescued animals would not be taken to safety. Thousands more animals would have gone mistreated over the years. Work closely with the local staff to observe and monitor the animals here, and ensure they are cared for and rehabilitated as much as possible. Volunteers need to be reasonably fit, as work can be physically demanding in the hot climate. Spend 6 days a week doing this rewarding work, and spend your day off relaxing in the sun, or taking a break in the shade.

If the sanctuary sounds like the volunteering project for you, check out the full project details here!

Malaysia Sea Turtle Conservation Project

The Malaysia Sea Turtle Conservation Project focuses collecting data on the local sea turtle population through snorkel surveys. The data collected is esstential for helping to develop effect conservation and protection plans for the species. The project also helps conservation efforts by protecting nests. Nightly beach patrols are conducted to find newly laid nest and re-locate them to a safe hatchery until they hatch and can be released back to the ocean.You’ll need to be a confident swimmer, as the project does involve time in the water. Placements are available to choose throughout nesting season (April - September). With 6 days a week observing these amazing animals, you’ll get to spend your day off relaxing in an idyllic island. A great way to spend the summer!

If you’d like to help in the Sea Turtle Conservation efforts, this could be the project for you!

Borneo Marine/Coral Conservation Project

Looking for an opportunity to dive, or to learn to dive? Why not do it whilst helping the vital and threatened ecosystem of the Borneo coral reefs. Spend your days under the water, diving a few times per day to visit the reef for restoration and regrowth, as well as identifying its new inhabitants. With one day off per week to relax in this beautiful setting, you’ll spend plenty of time in the waves. So you need to be a confident swimmer. If you don’t have your open water diving certification – don’t worry, you’ll get it here! And if you’re already qualified, you can do your advanced qualification instead.

If gaining new diving experience whilst making an important ecological difference sounds like the volunteer project, check out the project page for more information!

Howler Monkey Sanctuary

For over 20 years, the Argentina Monkey Sanctuary has rescued howler monkeys from a variety of backgrounds. Some have come from government seizures, some are rescued from the domestic pet trade, and some taken in after zoo closures. Seven days per week, you will work with the local staff to prepare and give food to the monkeys, care for their wellbeing and maintain the sanctuary. Along with a passion for animal welfare, volunteers here need a good level of fitness, due to the full-on schedule, and lack of days off.

Laos wildlife"
Borneo volunteers"
Volunteer with monkey"
Peru Horse Sanctuary

Experience the rich Peruvian culture,  spending your days working with rescued horses in a ranch at the heart of the Andean Mountains! The Peruvian Andes Highlander is a species of horse currently under threat of extinction due to large numbers being killed for meat. Others over-worked and mistreated, but the sanctuary gives them a new, better life. As a volunteer, you can assist the local staff in feeding, washing and grooming the horses. You will also ensure they have a clean place to live and graze. In addition, if you’re looking to improve your Spanish, the horse sanctuary is the place to be. A prior base level of Spanish is advised however, as the project staff speak little English.

Sound like the project for you? Take a look at all the information on the project page !

Peru Dog Rescue Sanctuary

Are you a dog lover? Looking to spend time helping create a better life for our previously mistreated furry friends? Why not volunteer at the Dog Rescue Shelter in Cusco, Peru! The shelter takes in dogs of all ages and sizes, who have been abused, abandoned and neglected by their owners. Spend your mornings playing with the dogs, feeding them and making sure they have a clean environment to live in. Afterwards, spend your afternoons exploring all that the beautiful city has to offer. This project is the perfect accompaniment to a further trip, to the famous Machu Picchu!

Caring for man’s best friend and exploring the famous Cusco sights sounds right for you?  

Peru Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary

Spend time in the amazing Peruvian Amazon as you help the variety of rescued animals at the wildlife sanctuary. Ranging from sloths to monkeys to birds and more, if you’re looking to help any and all species then this project is for you! Spend 6 days a week maintaining the sanctuary, feeding and caring for the animals, and keeping the area safe and clear. On your day off, you’re free to enjoy the incredible surroundings, relax or go for an adventure!

Peru Amazon Conservation Project

Looking for a jungle adventure whilst your help a variety of species in their native habitats? The Peruvian Amazon Conservation Project is one of our most adventurous and rewarding. Here you can undertake conservation efforts alongside the Peruvian and international staff. You will be trekking deep into the jungle to monitor animals, check camera traps, regenerate the forest and learn about bio gardening. You will have one day off per week to relax and enjoy this incredible UNESCO protected setting. You’ll spend the rest of the time learning new skills and spending time in the wild.

If this incredible adventure sounds like the trip for you, check out all the details or send us a message for more info!

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Amazon volunteers"
Dog rescue"

Teaching and community volunteering:

Cambodia Kids Community Project

Looking to help with English classes, arts and crafts, games, sports and breakfast programmes? You can do this while spending time in the beautiful town of Siem Reap. Here you will be getting to know local and international staff, and supporting the development of some amazing children. Volunteers work 6 hours a day, Monday to Friday, leaving your weekends free to relax or explore this incredible city.

If this project sounds like it may be the one for you, check out the full details on the project page!

Cambodia Sports Project

Have you got a love for sports that you’d love to put to use, and inspire children to develop the same passion? The Cambodia Sports Project might be the project for you! Assist with coaching, running sessions, developing new games, and generally giving  children the chance to explore the world of sports. All the while, you’ll be in the incredible town of Siem Reap, spending your weekdays at this rewarding project. Your weekends are free to  explore the vast number of things that Cambodia has to offer.

If you’re looking to apply your passion for sports to your experience abroad, check out this opportunity.

Cambodia Food and Farming Project

Do you have an appreciation for the importance of food and nutrition? Put your passions to use at the Food and Farming Project! Spend your days helping local staff to grow and produce nutritious food for the local children and wider community. You will be helping to make a real difference by affecting local diets and improving awareness of nutrient needs. You’ll be in the incredible town of Siem Reap, working weekdays and exploring or relaxing in the incredible country of Cambodia on the weekend.

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Cambodia sports"
Cambodia farming"

The Cambodia Clean Water Project

Help to save and improve lives by providing clean water to villages in Cambodia! This project does important work - it helps to prevent water-borne illness from appearing, spreading and affecting many families and communities. Volunteers assist local staff in creating incredible Bio Sand Filters and distributing them to locals so they can have clean water for years to come. Spend your weekdays gaining new skills and giving vital access to clean water. After this rewarding work, spend your weekends exploring the town of Siem Reap, with many other incredible things on offer in Cambodia!

Does the thought of doing this important work excite you? Check out all the information on the project page here


Cambodia Women’s Empowerment Project

Looking for a longer-term placement doing valuable work supporting local women? The Cambodia Women’s Empowerment Project gives you the opportunity to do just that. It is expanding from our original project to a wider range of activities, classes and workshops. Therefore, we’re looking for passionate volunteers and interns who can use their skills to affect change and empower more Cambodian women. Outside the project, you will be able to explore the incredible sights and activities in Siem Reap!

We’re hoping for enthusiastic people who are able to stay for 3 months or more. So if this sounds like the adventure for you, check out the full details on our project page!


Cambodia Indigenous People Programme

Would you like to help protect and preserve a culture and traditional way of life? One that is under threat from the modernisation of the 21st Century? If yes, then this important project is for you. Work together with the Bunong people of Mondulkiri, who are trying to keeping their culture thriving. Preserving language, traditions, encouraging the Bunong youth to take active roles in the community and tackling educational challenges. From Monday to Friday, volunteers can assist in research, help with proof-reading, social media training, informal computer lessons and English classes. Weekends are free to spend relaxing, or travelling the untouched region and beyond!

If this unique opportunity is the one for you, have a look at the the full project details on the project page


Combination Placement – Volunteer at multiple projects in Cambodia

Interested by all the Cambodian placements you’ve seen? Well, luckily you don’t have to pick just one! Take part in a variety of projects in Siem Reap mentioned above, all within your stay. If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity that allows you to work on multiple projects, then this is a great option! During the week, you will spend your time doing your chosen combination of projects and activities. This leaves your weekends free to explore Siem Reap or relax after a rewarding 5 days.

If this is the option for you, check out the project page for the full details

Clean water project"
Womens empowerment"
Cambodia Bunong people"
Peru Kid’s Community Project

If you want to do important work with children and spend time exploring the beautiful city of Cusco,  then the Peru Community Project is for you! Spend your mornings however you’d like; relax, explore, hike, the opportunities go on! In your afternoons, you will be doing valuable work at our after school project. You will assist staff in teaching English, maths, chess, art and more. As well as teaching, you can help with the provision of a hot lunch and snack, teaching the kids the importance of good nutrition.

Colombia Kids Project

If you’d like to help children, whilst experiencing the colourful world of Medellin, then check out the Colombia Kids Project! Help provide education, shelter, food and a safe haven to children forced into desperate situations. As a volunteer, you can work with local staff who take care of the kids. You will be conducting English classes, doing arts and craft activities and playing games. If you have ever wanted to try teaching overseas or work with children, this is the perfect chance to try. Spend your weekdays doing this rewarding work, and your weekends exploring all that this amazing country has to offer.

If the chance to experience another culture and make a real difference in a local community sounds great to you, then this could be the project for you!

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Community volunteer group"
Colombia kids project"
Time to Choose your Volunteer Project!

Hopefully after reading this you have more of an idea of the volunteering opportunities available to you with Globalteer. Volunteering is a rewarding and memorable experience so please consider all of our options to find the best one for you! To find out what it's like to volunteer on specific projects, check out our blogs about volunteer's experiences! If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help!