Volunteer Spotlight: Patrica

At this place, I felt really useful...

This time at the centre has been of very beneficial for me; knowledge on new species, pleasure of manufacturing things with little means, contact with volunteers and staff from other countries and cultures, and, above all, pleasure of seeing the animals happier thanks to our work. It is a huge satisfaction. I think I have improved a little bit the conditions of the lives of the birds by adding new water bowls in their cages to drink and have a bath, and by doing many enrichment's.

As far as I am concerned, all the aspects of my stay have been positive. The biggest challenge is certainly to manage to build things with so few resources.

From the beginning, I decided to volunteer in a maximum of countries so as to understand better the problems of the animals all around the world. But, among all the centres I have been to, this is the one I would most appreciate to return to.

As soon as I came back to France, I contacted all the volunteers I know to try to convince them to go to the centre. At this place, I felt really useful. I think that this place is really valuable for any person who sincerely wants to act for the animals, side by side with a manager, Simon, totally involved and dedicated to the animal protection. In this centre, you will go to bed every evening with a feeling of a well-done work, and of having brought your own little stone to this never-ending building.