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Volunteer Spotlight: Lauren

Lauren is a student from the USA who volunteered at the Peru Community Project in May and June 2015. Here, she talks about her experience at the after-school programme supporting local children in their education.
Looking for the right project
 I have always loved working with children, travelling, and participating in new and exciting adventures. When it came time to fulfill my university internship credit for my undergraduate degree in International Studies I decided to look for an international volunteer position. I chose Globalteer because the organisation’s wonderful staff worked with me to make sure I was able to fulfill my internship requirements while working for the Peru Community Project. 

A rewarding experience
My time at the project was an extremely rewarding experience. The director of the project was absolutely amazing and allowed me to contribute a lot to the school’s arts and craft lessons and kindergarten classes because I showed interest in both areas. By offering me the chance to work where I felt the most comfortable, my time became more rewarding for the children and for myself.
I am so grateful to have come across such a well-run and friendly organisation that allowed me to not only fulfill my university requirements, but also granted me the ability to work with amazing children, and still spend my weekends touring Peru.
I cannot thank the staff and children at the project, or the staff at Globalteer enough for this life changing experience. I look forward to working with Globalteer again in a number of their other projects and would recommend the same to anyone who asked.

You too can have a rewarding experience like Lauren by getting involved at the Peru Community Project today!