Volunteer Spotlight: James

"Cambodia remains my favourite country because of the people..."

A fantastic life changing experience. I particularly enjoyed playing with the kids at the day centre, they were so loving and happy, their smiling faces will stay with me always. Whilst teaching at the school, I was first struck by the respect the children showed me, standing as I walked into the class and saying “hello teacher” and all individually thanking me as they left.

These kids wouldn’t have the opportunity of an education if the school didn’t exist. I truly felt the importance of what I was doing whilst volunteer teaching. The Cambodian people were all very grateful for the help of the volunteers, they see so many tourist visit this extremely poor country and so few stop to help them find a way out their desperate circumstances.

I have travelled the world extensively and Cambodia remains my favourite country because of the people, they are so friendly and courteous, it is always a pleasure to be there.