Peru Dog Rescue

Volunteer with Dogs and help care for abandoned and injured dogs at the Peru Dog Rescue Shelter!

Do you love dogs? Want to give back and make a difference? Why not volunteer with Dogs in the amazing city of Cusco. Volunteer at the Peru dog rescue shelter in the magnificent ancient capital of the Incas and visit the incredible Machu Picchu.

Talk to Candice who lives in Cusco. Email me directly at or use the contact form below:

Peru Dog Rescue Shelter Project Overview

Experience the rich Peruvian culture while volunteering in the incredible city of Cusco. Volunteer with dogs alongside the dedicated team at the city's most welcoming dog shelter. Help care for rescued, abused and abandoned dogs.

Assist staff at the dog shelter to provide the dogs a happy and enjoyable life. Live and work in the breathtaking scenery of the Andes mountains for a life changing experience!

This programme provides an unforgettable experience for volunteers who wish to help rescued dogs.

You will have the opportunity to learn a new language and visit the amazing sites that Cusco has to offer including the incredible Machu Picchu. Join us at one of our most popular volunteer programmes at the Peru Dog Rescue Shelter!

Summary of the Peru Dog Rescue Shelter

The Dog Shelter: Stray dogs are commonplace in Peru and this wonderful project provides a humane and long term solution to this ongoing problem. The main objective of the Peru Dog Rescue Shelter is to nurture the dogs back to health through receiving veterinary treatment at the hands of partner veterinarians, as well as loving care from veterinary students and volunteers. Whenever possible the animals from the dog shelter are re-homed with loving families.

Project Location: The dog shelter is located in the UNESCO world heritage-listed city of Cusco; in Peru’s breath-taking Andes Mountains. The city is home to countless museums, restaurants, Inca ruins and fabulous Spanish colonial architecture.

Main Volunteer Activities: Volunteers work with our local Peruvian staff assisting them feed and prepare food for the dogs. Additionally volunteers assist with keeping the centre clean, walking, playing with and socialising the dogs. Volunteers can also get involved with sterilisation, de-worming and animal welfare campaigns that may be taking place during your stay.

Hours: Volunteers work  4-5 hours per day at the dog shelter with with weekends free. Volunteers normally start at 8.30am and finish around 12.30pm/1pm, although exact times can vary.

Duration: Volunteer placements are year-round and from 1 to 12 weeks.

Volunteer Accommodation: Choose from a private ensuite room in a 2* Hotel, shared dorm in a hostel, or private room in a family homestay.

Requirements to volunteer at the Dog Shelter: The minimum age for volunteers is 18. Project volunteers need a passion for animal welfare.

Volunteer Placement Fee: From UK£299 / US$399

The Peru Dog Rescue Shelter History

This fantastic project began more than 20 years ago on order to promote the humane treatment of street dogs in Cusco through their rescue, rehabilitation, sterilisation and eventual adoption into caring and loving homes. The founders of the dog shelter still run the project today which can house up to 100 dogs at a time.

All of the dogs at the shelter are routinely vaccinated aginst rabies, distemper, parvovirus, coronavirus, hepatitis and leptospirosis. They are also de-wormed and de-flead approximately every 45 days. In addition dogs are neutered when funding is available to help control the population of unwanted dogs.

How the Peru Dog Rescue Shelter is helping
Most of the dogs residing at the shelter suffered abuse by their owner, or were living on the streets and had serious injuries from being run over, getting into fights with other dogs, or suffering beatings by market stall owners, as well as being malnourished and having a general mistrust of humans.
The main objective of the Peru Dog Rescue Shelter is to nurture the dogs back to health through receiving veterinary treatment from partner veterinarians. Also loving care from veterinary students and volunteers. Whenever possible the animals from the dog shelter are re-homed with loving families.
Why the Dog Shelter need volunteers

Any visitor to Cusco will tell you that there are a lot of stray dogs on the streets 24/7. Some cities have even resorted to culling dogs in order to deal with the problem. However, in Cusco the work of this wonderful dog shelter keeps such drastic solutions at bay. Without funding from the government, the Peru dog rescue shelter relies on volunteer support, private donations and grants in order to carry out their important work. The help of volunteers makes the dog shelter's work easier and helps funds to go that bit further.

In addition, the aim of the Peru Dog Rescue Shelter is to be as self sufficient as possible, by using recycled materials, the manufacturing of marketable goods (crafts, pet accessories, etc) that will generate an income to help defray the costs of caring for and feeding the dogs in the shelter.

Learn more about the Peru Dog Rescue Shelter

Globalteer has been working in Peru since 2007. We have a wealth of experience in this amazing country. If you want to Volunteer with Dogs, then come and join our amazing team in Cusco.

You can read all about dog welfare in Cusco in our article about Cusco’s Canine Conundrum.

Read stories about the Rescued Dogs in Peru or a wonderful story about a Dog Adoption.

Learn about what it was like for volunteers when they visited Cusco during Inti Raymi; the biggest festival of the year.

Get to know when is the Best Time to go to Peru and experience it's wonderful and ancient culture.

Read more posts about the Peru Volunteer Programme.

Typical Volunteer Duties at the Dog Shelter

Volunteers work for 4-5 hours per day at the dog shelter, Monday to Friday with weekends free for relaxing or sightseeing. Volunteers normally start at 8.30am and finish around 12.30pm/1pm, although exact timetables can vary. Volunteer roles vary depending upon the needs of the dog shelter and your relevant skills and abilities.

Tasks when you volunteer at the Dog Shelter

Your main duties as a dog volunteer may include some or all of the following:

  • Feeding and preparing food for the dogs.
  • Cleaning the centre.
  • Basic medical care.
  • Walking the dogs.
  • Playing with the dogs.
  • Socialisation of the dogs.

Other work that volunteers at the dog rescue shelter may assist with includes:

  • Support during sterilisation and deworming campaigns.
  • Vaccination and educational campaigns in the surrounding communities.
  • General maintenance of the centre.
  • Fundraising campaigns.
  • Manufacturing of marketable goods (crafts, pet accessories, etc).
Volunteer Reviews from the Peru Dog Rescue Shelter

Why not read about previous volunteer experiences to get to know more about what you will doing when you volunteer with dogs in Peru?

Volunteer Spotlight: Hannah

Volunteer Spotlight: Theo

More Volunteer Reviews

Accommodation when your Volunteer in Peru with Globalteer

Volunteers at the Peru Community Project can choose from a range of accommodation options including a hostel dorm, private room in a hotel, and a family homestay. All accommodation has been carefully selected by us to offer the best value for all our volunteers regardless of budget. So if you are looking for somewhere quiet to lay your head at the end of a busy day, somewhere lively where you can socialise with other travellers or a family home where you can brush up your Spanish, we have what you are looking for. All of our accommodations are clean, comfortable and safe and well located for transport to the project as well as all the attractions that Cusco has to offer. When you volunteer in Peru you can choose one of these great accommodation options:

Hostel - Shared Dormitory
Volunteer accommodation in Cusco

For volunteers who are looking to meet lots of fellow travellers and have easy access to the great social life that Cusco has to offer, there is probably no better option than a shared dorm in one of Cusco's best hostels.

The hostel that Globalteer has teamed up with is very central, but in a peaceful location near one of Cusco' s most beautiful smaller squares. The hostel is just two blocks from Cusco's world famous Plaza de Armas.

As well as comfortable beds in shared dorm with all your bed linens, the hostel offers 24 hour hot water, towel rental and lockers (bring your own padlock). There are a bar and restaurant on site, pool table, satellite TV, free Wi-fi zones and computers with high speed internet. Continental breakfast is also included.

Hotel - private ensuite room
Volunteer hotel in Peru

Volunteers can also stay in a comfortable close to the city centre hotel. The hotel is well situated about a 10 minute walk from the main square of Cusco and just a few minutes walk from San Blas Plaza and market.

All rooms are single occupancy or can be shared if volunteers are travelling together. The rooms are simple but clean and comfortable, each with a private bathroom. The facilities include hot water, free basic breakfast and Wi-Fi.

Family Homestay

If you choose to stay at a homestay, you will live with and be part of a Peruvian family. The homestays are in safe areas with middle class families that are screened by Globalteer. Your room will be private with a shared bathroom. This is a wonderful experience to immerse yourself in Peruvian culture and a great way to practice your Spanish skills. Volunteers eat with the family when not volunteering at the project.

Upgrade accommodation
Volunteer accommodation in Cusco, Peru

Upgrade volunteer accommodation is available in a hotel located in the centre of historical Cusco and around a 10 minute walk to the Globalteer office. These rooms offer a higher standard of comfort and more facilities for volunteers who don’t mind paying a little bit extra!

Free Time in Cusco and Peru

Whether you plan your entire trip in advance or decide to wait until you get to Peru our team in Cusco are all very well travelled an can offer advice and help in planning the perfect itinerary for your weekends or for travel before or after your placement. Here are just a few treasure you can discover as you explore Peru.


Cusco is a beautiful city that has something to offer everyone from Inca ruins and splendid Spanish colonial architecture to elegant squares and outstanding mountain scenery. The historic city centre is a lively hub of cafes, restaurants and bars with dozens of boutiques, markets and shops. Offering an astonishing range of unique locally made goods to take home as a souvenir of you trip to Peru. There are numerous museums, galleries, churches and monasteries to visit.  Every Sunday sees a magnificent civil parade in the City’s stunning main square, the Plaza de Armas.

Cusco’s Indian and Catholic traditions are frequently celebrated with street parades, live music and food stalls springing up across the city. There are also some wonderful walks and hikes in and around the city centre. You can stroll amongst whitewashed houses and along the cobbled lanes in the Bohemian quarter of San Blas. Climb high above the city to the Inca fortress at Sacsayhuaman and take in the unrivalled views of the city and mountains.

More great things to do in Cusco

Cusco has a rich culture as the ancient capital of the Incas.

From many museums, incredible Inca and Spanish architecture, religious festivals to the biggest festival of the year, Inti Raymi.

For more detail on events in Cusco, you can read our blog on the Best Time to go to Peru.

You could be there for a Chocolatada in December or the amazing Inti Raymi Festival in June.

Volunteer with Dogs in Peru and the Globalteer team will make sure you have an amazing cultural experience!

Machu Picchu

Surely the number one reason that many visitors come to Peru is to visit the incomparable wonder of Machu Picchu. Whatever you read and no  matter how many photos you have see, nothing can quite prepare you for the first time you see the Inca citadel rising high above a bend in the river.

Machu Picchu is easily accessible from Cusco. You can go there by luxury train, trek the amazing Inca Trail high in the Andes; or take any other number of routes all ending with lost city itself. Built, but never completed by the Incas around 1450 the Inca capital was only re-discovered in 1911. The breath-taking lost city of the Incas is now discovered by hundreds of enthralled visitors every day. A must for any trip to South America!

The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a must-see on anyone’s Peru itinerary. Barely half an hour’s drive from Cusco and you will find a magical, steep-sided valley where fresh mountain rivers and streams tumble between ancient mountains and majestic glaciers.

The Sacred Valley’s centuries-old towns and villages are home to remarkably reserved Inca forts and citadels; markets with traditional textiles and souvenirs draw visitors to lovely towns like Pisac, Chinchero and Ollantaytambo. The amazing salt terraces and pre-Inca agricultural terraces at Maras are also an easy day trip from Cusco.  

Amazon Rainforest

For a truly unique experience you can also visit the Amazon Rainforest. The small rainforest city of Puerto Maldonado in the amazing Madre de Dios Region of the southern Amazon basin is only 10 hours from Cusco by bus and under an hour by air with low cost (and reliable) carrier Star Peru.

Lake Titicaca

For long weekends or those travelling before or after their placement with us, Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world is under 5 hours from Cusco by car or 7-8 hours by bus. Here you can take a cruise on the lake, or visit the famous floating Uros Islands. Additionally you can do a spot of star gazing in one of the least light-polluted skies on the planet.


You are almost certain to travel through Lima on your way to Cusco. Peru’s capital is worth a stop before or after your placement with us. There is excellent shopping in the ocean-side district of Miraflores and wonderful galleries and museums in trendy Barranco. The city also has some truly impressive Spanish colonial buildings in the historic centre and amazing restaurants throughout the city.


Less than a day’s drive from Cusco, the city of Arequipa is Peru’s second largest city. Called the white city due to the colour of the historic buildings constructed using local white stone called sillar. Like Cusco, Arequipa is in the Andes mountains, but at lower altitude so enjoys almost year-round warm and sunny weather. The city is next to the magnificent dormant volcano El Misti.

Arequipa is also the staging post for trips to the Famous Colca Canyon.

Globalteer has negotiated generous discounts for our volunteers with a well-respected agency in Cusco. They can arrange services such as visits to Machu Picchu, Amazon trips, Lake Titicaca; as well as many other amazing trips in Peru and South America.

Fee Options

Base Donation

The base donation for volunteering is where all money received goes to the charity, our charitable activities, charity partners and supporting volunteers in country. Your daily transport to the project is also included.

Shared Dorm Package

The Shared Dorm package fee includes everything in the base donation plus Shared Dormitory style accommodation & private airport collection.

Homestay Accommodation Package

The Homestay Accommodation package fee includes everything in the base donation plus private accommodation in a Peruvian middle class family home, all your meals  & private airport collection.

Standard Hotel Package

The Standard Hotel package fee includes everything in the base donation plus accommodation in a Private en-suite hotel & private airport collection.

Upgrade Hotel

Volunteers can also choose to upgrade their accommodation to a hotel which includes more facilities and larger rooms. Accommodations are carefully selected by our team in Peru for their great locations, suitability for volunteers and value for money.

British Pounds £
Weeks Base Donation Shared Dorm or Homestay Standard Hotel Upgrade hotel
1 £314 £411 £449 £625
2 £389 £584 £660 £1,011
3 £464 £756 £871 £1,397
4 £540 £929 £1,082 £1,783
Extra weeks £75 £173 £211 £386

United States Dollars USD$
Weeks Base Donation Shared Dorm or Homestay Standard Hotel Upgrade hotel
1 $408 $534 $584 $811
2 $506 $758 $858 $1,312
3 $604 $982 $1,132 $1,813
4 $702 $1,206 $1,406 $2,314
Extra weeks $98 $224 $274 $501

Value add-ons

As a UK charity, Globalteer only works with ethical and responsible partners. These value add-ons are part of our social enterprise efforts to support our projects and charitable objectives.

Tailor-made Spanish classes suitable for beginners or people with advanced language skills: GBP£43 / USD$56 for 5 one-hour classes.
Globalteer can also organise your trip to Machu Picchu or other tours in Peru. Please let us know your requirements.

Financial Transparency

As a UK registered Charity, Globalteer is completely financially transparent to you, our donors. You can therefore see a full breakdown of where your money goes and our independently audited accounts by clicking below:

Where Your Money Goes

To discover why you should consider choosing Globalteer, please visit the following page:

About Globalteer

Why do we charge a fee for volunteering?

Globalteer requests a donation from volunteers to allow us to achieve our charitable objectives and support our partner programmes. In return, Globalteer provides volunteers with an amazing, responsible and ethical volunteer experience and in-country support from the Globalteer team in Cambodia. Ensuring that your placement is responsible as well as rewarding, safe and enjoyable takes a good deal of work.

A summary of Globalteer’s total expenditure for the last financial year is shown below:

Donations and Grants 60% – This includes a share of volunteer placement fees, grants we have secured for our projects and donations managed by Globalteer that are made by individuals and groups to our projects and partner projects.

Support Costs 29% – This includes volunteer accommodation, volunteer transport, support staff costs, travel costs and some volunteer meals.

Operational Costs 11% – Costs of running Globalteer.

Pie chart on fees tab
What’s Included

        √  In-country support from Globalteer staff in Cusco.
        √  Peru orientation guide and induction on arrival.
        √  Free Cusco town tour.
        √  All necessary project equipment and materials.
        √  All necessary project training by experienced staff.
        √  Globalteer tote bag and welcome pack.
        √  Project donation.
√  Daily local bus transport to and from your project.

With the Accommodation Packages
√   Free airport pick up from Cusco international airport.
√   Accommodation in a hostel or hotel, or a family homestay which includes all meals.

What’s not included
  • Flights
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Vaccinations and inoculations
  • Onward transport at the end of your placement
  • Police or background check (where necessary)
What do everyday items cost?

The official currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol, and there are approximately 4.20 Soles to the pound and 3.20 Soles to the US dollar. The cost of living in Peru is low compared to most countries in the developed world. The costs of some typical items are:

  • Bus ride up to half an hour - 1 Sol
  • Taxi journey up to 10 minutes - 4 Soles
  • Meal in a market -  6 Soles
  • Bottle of soft drink - 1.5 Soles
  • Coffee - 5 Soles
  • Meal in a restaurant - 10Soles to 40 Soles

Cusco Accommodation questions

Yes of course, and we can arrange this for you. The cost for additional nights are as follows: Shared Dorm / Homestay - GBP£14 / US$18, Standard hotel - GBP£20 / US$26, Upgrade Hotel - GBP£45 / US$58.
For a couple or three sharing, there is only a discount on the upgrade hotel as follows: For two sharing there is a discount of GBP£115 / US$150 per person, per week on the upgrade accommodation. For three sharing there is a discount of GBP£145 / US$190 per person, per week on the upgrade accommodation.
Families are welcome at this project and the fees are as follows: Children 13 years and under pay no base donation fee, Children 14 to 17 pay 50% of the base donation fee. Accommodation for each child is charged at a weekly rate of: Shared Dorm / Homestay - GBP£98 / US$126, Standard hotel - GBP£140 / US$182, Upgrade Hotel - GBP£315 / US$406.
"I loved the appreciation in the dogs' eyes - with their wagging tails and wide smiles”

Stephen, Scotland

Volunteer rated at
(4.9 / 5)

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