Colombia Kids Project

Volunteer  with Children at the Medellin Kids Project

Volunteer in Colombia at the Kids Project in Medellin; the city of eternal spring. Help our dedicated staff give disadvantaged children a better education, a brighter future and the chance to enjoy their childhood; in safe and secure surroundings.

Talk to Jim who knows the project and will be happy to help! E-mail me directly at or use the contact form below:

Project Overview

Immerse yourself in the rich Colombian culture. Work alongside Globalteer's international staff and local Colombians in the vibrant city of Medellin. Volunteers work at sustainable local projects that care for children who would otherwise live in extreme danger of falling victims to violence or trafficking; commonplace amongst the marginalised and displaced communities of Colombia.

Work with local professional staff who take care of the kids and conduct English classes, arts and games. Live and volunteer in the friendly city of Medellin, for an amazing experience!

Volunteer in Colombia and make a real difference

This volunteer opportunity allows you to make a real difference working with impactful local projects. Gain new skills whilst working with amazing children of Colombia.

You will have the opportunity to learn about a different culture and experience the incredible city of Medellin. If you have ever wanted to try teaching overseas or work with children, this is the perfect chance to try! Join us to volunteer in Colombia at this important community volunteer programme!

Summary of the Colombia Volunteer Project

The Project: The Globalteer Colombia Kids Programme works with two government approved projects for vulnerable children; regulated by the Ministry of Family Wellbeing. They provide education, shelter, food and safe haven from the streets to those children forced into a desperate situation.

Project Location: The modern vibrant city of Medellin. Known as Colombia's city of eternal spring due to its near perfect sub tropical climate. The city home to countless museums, restaurants and bars. As well as pretty plazas, art galleries and Spanish colonial architecture.

Main Volunteer Activities: Volunteers work with our local Colombian staff, assisting with English, sports and arts & crafts. Also assisting with vocational training and helping to organise and supervise fun days out.

Hours: Volunteers work six hours a day from Monday to Friday. Weekends are free for relaxing in the city or travelling to other parts of this beautiful and fascinating country.

Duration: Volunteer placements are year-round, from 1 to 12 weeks.

Volunteer Accommodation: Choose from a private ensuite room or shared dorm in a hostel, or private room in a family homestay.

Requirements to Volunteer in Colombia: Volunteers at this project must be aged 18+ (unless volunteering with a guardian) and have fluent English or Spanish. As you will be working with vulnerable children, we also require a background check.

Volunteer Placement Fee: From UK£352 / US$458

Project History

The Colombia Kids Project provides a safe and secure home for children who would otherwise live in extreme danger of falling victims to gang violence, child trafficking and the sex trade; which are sadly still commonplace amongst the marginalised displaced communities of Colombia.  Anti-government groups and drug cartels have forced many Colombians to flee their rural homes to major cities. There are thought to be more than three million displaced people in Colombia; half of whom are below 15 years of age. These people have lost their homes, land and means to care for themselves; leaving children to a dangerous life on the streets where they are exposed to unthinkable risks on a daily basis.

How the project is helping

The local organisations we work with are government approved homes for vulnerable children. They are strictly regulated by the Ministry of Family Wellbeing. The projects employ qualified staff including teachers, psychologists and dietitians. This helps ensure that the children's upbringing is as healthy as possible. And that their childhood is as close to normal as possible.

The projects provide education, shelter, food and a safe haven away from the streets for those children who have been forced into a desperate situation and have to live away from home for their own safety. The project also supports people living on the streets by providing food, contact and love. The project is respected and trusted by the people living on the streets. Occasionally, when possible, children are invited to stay at the project.

Both projects are more like a family home, where the children treat each other as brothers and sisters. Staff and volunteers are their uncles and aunts. Where possible, contact is still kept with the children’s natural family; family members can visit once a week and children can visit their "home" once a month ensuring that family bonds are maintained.

Volunteer in Colombia and you can be part of these amazing programmes helping the kids in Medellin.

Why the project need volunteers

Like all of the the projects that Globalteer supports, the Colombia Kids project receives no state funding. It relies on volunteer support, private donations and grants to be able to keep the children safe and provide them with an education; helping to set them up for a bright future.

Volunteer in Colombia to make a huge difference at this project! Work with the permanent project staff helping with a variety of activities to suit your skills and experience. Volunteers bring much needed extra pairs of hands and can introduce new enthusiasm, energy and ideas into every day of your stay.

Typical Volunteer Duties

Volunteers work 5 days a week, 5-6 hours per day with weekends free. A typical day volunteering may include playing games, drawing pictures and playing sports with the children. As well as assisting the local staff and teachers at the project, particularly as a volunteer English teacher.; and with arts & sports. Volunteers can also help the permanent staff to organise outings and excursions for the children.

Volunteers may also have the opportunity to assist in English classes at the local government school; which is attended by the children at the project.

Exact duties vary from day to day. Volunteers can expect to help our local staff on some or all of the following:

  • Assisting local teachers with class preparations.
  • Assisting with English classes arts & crafts, music and sports at the project.
  • Playing games and other fun activities with the children.
  • Assisting with English classes at the local government school attended by the children at the project.
  • Helping local staff to organise and run excursions for the children.
  • General cleaning and maintenance around the project.

The local parks are often used for sports and to give the kids the opportunity to play outside. Both projects have many resources for keeping the children entertained; including books on fun activities, educational games, etc. All Globalteer volunteers are provided with a teaching handbook which has been specially written for volunteers.

Volunteers are encouraged to come up with ideas for new trips and join the children in their fun-day adventures.

Volunteer in Colombia with children and use your skills and experiences to bring fresh ideas and fun to the projects!


Volunteers at the Colombia Kids Project can choose from a range of accommodation options including a hostel dorm, private room in a hostel, and a family homestay.

Volunteer accommodation in Medellin

Most volunteers stay at our modern, friendly volunteer hostel in a safe and quiet district. Our standard volunteer fee includes accommodation at the hostel in a dorm, which will have no more than four people in it. For a small additional fee, you can choose to be upgraded into a private room with a television and your own en-suite toilet and bathroom at the hostel. We also have an option to choose homestay accommodation where you will stay at a Colombian home which includes all your main meals.

Private room at the volunteer hostel in Medellin

The hostel is very popular with travellers and offers fantastic facilities such as a barbecue areasun terrace with hammocks, and computers with internet access,Skype, webcams and earphones for keeping in touch with the folks back home. There is also wi-fi and a well equipped, shared kitchen. It's a very sociable place and is a great choice for those travelling alone, with frequent activities and excursions orgnised by the friendly, English-speaking owners.

Chillout area at the volunteer hostel in Medellin

El Poblado , where the volunteer hostel is located is in easy reach of the project, less than ten minutes' walk from the modern and efficient overground metro station which takes you to the centre of Medellin. There are many boutiquescoffee shops, restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood, and you can walk to the heart of Medellin's lively nightlife scene in the leafy, buzzing Parque Lleras.

Free Time in Medellin and Colombia

Colombia is famous for its music and dance. Visitors find it hard to resist the infectious rhythms of cumbia, merengue and salsa.

Medellin has a huge flower festival in August and an impressive Christmas lights display. But the biggest carnival is held in Barranquilla during February or March. Every city, town and village will have its own way to celebrate Christmas and other religious events throughout the year.


Medellin has many plazas boasting sculptures by local artists, old churches and a number of museums with free entry. Pueblito Paisa in Medellin is a replica of a rural village on a hill overlooking the city.

Cycling the outskirts of Medellin and along the mountainous woods is an extremely popular activity for the locals. You could also try your hand at parapenting from the surrounding mountains.

Beyond Medellin
From Medellin's modern airport the world is your oyster!  You could fly to Leticia for a unique Amazonian adventure. South of the city lies the well-visited coffee region, including thebeautiful village of Jardin.
A cheap flight or a 9-hour bus ride to the coast takes you to the UNESCO world heritage site of Cartagena. Its Spanish colonial architecture creates a style unmatched anywhere in South America. Along the coast you can find unspoilt white sand beaches, deep bays and the world's highest coastal mountain range. For the more adventurous, trek to the lost city of Ciudad Perdida; an amazing three-day hike through impressive jungle.

Colombia also offers amazing wildlife, birds, orchids, pre-Colombian stone statues and underground tombs. As well as volcanic mud baths, diving, rafting, rappelling, rock climbing and hiking.

Cheap flights in South America will take you to many other popular tourist destinations such as Machu Picchu in Peru. The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador or many other amazing destinations in Latin America.

Volunteer in Colombia with Globalteer! Our preferred flight partner who will be able to organise your travel requirements.

Fee Options

Base Donation

The base donation for volunteering is where all money received goes to the charity, our charitable activities, charity partners and supporting volunteers in country. Your daily transport to the project is also included.

Shared Dorm Package

The Shared Dorm package price includes the base donationdorm room accommodation private collection from the airport.

Standard Private Room Package

Upgrade the Dorm Room package to a private, en-suite room accommodation.

Homestay Option

Volunteers who want an amazing cultural experience can choose a Homestay option. Accommodations will be with a Colombian family with all meals included.

Accommodations are carefully selected by our staff in Medellin. Selected for their great locations, suitability for volunteers and value for money.

British Pounds £
Weeks Base Donation Shared Dorm Private Room Homestay
1 £352 £436 £579 £456
2 £433 £601 £887 £641
3 £515 £767 £1,195 £825
4 £596 £932 £1,503 £1,010
Extra weeks £81 £165 £308 £184

United States Dollars USD$
Weeks Base Donation Shared Dorm Private Room Homestay
1 $458 $567 $752 $592
2 $563 $782 $1,151 $832
3 $669 $997 $1,551 $1,072
4 $775 $1,211 $1,951 $1,312
Extra weeks $105 $215 $399 $239

Medellin Accommodation questions

Yes of course, and we can arrange this for you. The cost for additional nights are as follows: Shared Dorm - GBP£12 / US$16, Private Room - GBP£33 / US$42, Homestay - GBP£15 / US$20.
Families are welcome at this project and the fees are as follows: Children 13 years and under pay no base donation fee, Children 14 to 17 pay 50% of the base donation fee. Accommodation for each child is charged at a weekly rate of: Shared Dorm - GBP£84 / US$112, Private Room - GBP£231 / US$294, Homestay - GBP£105 / US$140.

Value add-ons

Globalteer can organise tailor-made Spanish classes suitable for beginners or people with advanced language skills: GBP£65 / USD$84 for 5 one-hour classes over a week.

Financial Transparency

As a UK registered Charity, Globalteer is completely financially transparent to you, our donors. You can therefore see a full breakdown of where your money goes and our independently audited accounts by clicking below:

Where Your Money Goes

To discover why you should consider choosing Globalteer, please visit the following page:

About Globalteer

Why do we charge a fee for volunteering?

Globalteer requests a donation from volunteers to allow us to achieve our charitable objectives and support our partner programmes. In return, Globalteer provides volunteers with an amazing, responsible and ethical volunteer experience and in-country support from the Globalteer team in Cambodia. Ensuring that your placement is responsible as well as rewarding, safe and enjoyable takes a good deal of work.

A summary of Globalteer’s total expenditure for the last financial year is shown below:

Donations and Grants 60% – This includes a share of volunteer placement fees, grants we have secured for our projects and donations managed by Globalteer that are made by individuals and groups to our projects and partner projects.

Support Costs 29% – This includes volunteer accommodation, volunteer transport, support staff costs, travel costs and some volunteer meals.

Operational Costs 11% – Costs of running Globalteer.

What’s Included

        √  In-country support from Globalteer staff in Medellin.
        √  Colombia orientation guide and induction on arrival.
        √  Free Medellin town tour.
        √  All necessary project equipment and materials.
        √  All necessary project training by experienced staff.
        √  Project donation.

With the Full Package

        √  Free airport pick up from Medellin international airport.
        √  All accommodation.
        √  Daily local transport to and from your project.

What’s not included
  • Flights
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Vaccinations and inoculations
  • Onward transport at the end of your placement
  • Police or background check (where necessary)
How much do everyday items cost?

The official currency of Colombia is the Colombian Peso (COP), and there are approximately 3,700 pesos to the pound and 3,000 pesos to the US dollar. The cost of living in Colombia is low compared to most countries in the developed world. The costs of some typical items are:

  • Short ride in a taxi - 5,000 pesos
  • Taxi ride of about 30 minutes - 30,000 pesos
  • Meal at a local restaurant - up to 10,000 pesos
  • Meal in a tourist restaurant - 10,000 to 30,000 pesos
“The programme really exceeded my expectations - it was everything I had hoped for and more”

Quinn, Student, USA

Volunteer rated at
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

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