UK Teachers help Globalteer’s capacity building in Siem Reap

Globalteer Cambodia recently hosted a team of specialist teachers from UK organisation Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT) to deliver a month-long programme of teacher-training designed specifically for teachers working with limited resources.

A total of 64 teachers from 16 projects around Siem Reap attended the sessions which covered a range of subjects such as engaging students in the classroom, how to use games and play as educational tools and how to plan lessons that go beyond the scope of text books – something which is a constant challenge in Cambodia where teachers are seldom encouraged to use their initiative and venture beyond the strictures of prescribed texts.

There were also classes which focussed on specific needs of NGO schools in Cambodia – namely, how to deliver the most effective English classes and how to make the best use of volunteers. English is a truly bankable skill in Siem Reap where tourism accounts for such a high proportion of employment, and the employment of volunteers is an important part of the NGOs strategies as they bring important skills as well as valuable and long-term support.

What do the teachers think?

Nang Sim, head teacher at the rural school managed by Globalteer was full of praise for the training, saying,

“I think this training is very important for everyone because it is good to refresh our teaching skills and to learn new strategies as a teacher. Moreover, it was a good time to get to know other teachers and learn from each other’s experiences. The best thing for me was to learn about UK teaching style, especially ways to teach a new language and strategies to keep students learning consistently.”

This was the second time that Nang had taken part in LRTT training and he added,

"Last year's training was good, but this year the training was even better! We felt like our trainers were so involved with us and they adjusted their feedback and training to the individual teachers. Everyone could learn at their own level”.

Feedback from the trainers

We are very proud of the feedback we received about our teachers too, with Nang and Sopheap’s trainers saying:

“We were already blown away by the way that Nang and Sopheap teach their students…but on the training days on top of learning more things themselves, they helped the less experienced teachers to learn as well. They are truly amazing.”

Globalteer’s General Manager Jim Elliott explained how important this kind of training is to Globalteer’s work in Cambodia.

“Quality teacher training in Siem Reap is hard to come by so having a group of qualified teachers passing on their skills and knowledge is invaluable. The training of local teachers plays a very important part in helping Globalteer’s objective of promoting sustainable development through education. Training 64 teachers will improve the overall quality of education at many projects and have a hugely positive impact on the education of thousands of children in Siem Reap. The work of the LRTT group also just goes to show the value that volunteers can bring to Cambodia”.

If you’d like to help improve the education and futures of thousands of children in Cambodia, find out how to involved at our Cambodia community and teaching project.