Cafe Supervisor- Khuoch
Khuoch, Supervisor

Having grown up in Siem Reap, Khuoch studied at The Global Child, where she quickly excelled with her English language skills.  Now she is a scholarship student at JWOC and is currently studying for her Bachelors degree at South East Asia University.  Alongside her studies, Khuoch has taken on the role of Cafe Supervisor here at The Globalhub.  She says 'It's a great pleasure to me because I got a good job and i'm a part of Globalteer, running the Globalhub cafe.'  Khuoch is full of smiles, and is ready to welcome you to our cafe!

Ouran, Chef

Having trained as a chef at Haven training restaurant here in Siem Reap, Ouran is now working as a chef for us at The Globalhub.  Ouran says 'I love my job.  I want to work at the Globahub cafe because I seen they love and support the children at NGO's and a lot of other places in Cambodia.  I want to start my job with small team to make more experience and save it for my future.'  Ouran's specialty is his grilled cheese sandwich, we happen to think it's the best in Siem Reap, so be sure to give it a try when you visit!