Volunteer Spotlight: Patrica

At this place, I felt really useful…This time at the centre has been of very beneficial for me; knowledge on new species, […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Richard

Thank you very much and carry on the good work…Thanks for this month, it was a great experience for me. I hope […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Chris

Every time when I’m thinking what happened, I get watery eyes…Sawadee, I’m Chris from Belgium. I’m here already for 30 days. I […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Harriet

You become attached without even meaning to…I was offered to spend three weeks at the centre, I thought yes! There my work […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Simon

The work that is done there I feel is of great value…I have just finished a 8 week stay at the wildlife […]

Volunteer with Howler Monkeys

The Black Howler monkey (Alouatta caraya), is the largest and loudest New World monkey (i.e. native to South and Central America), and […]