Volunteer Spotlight: Richard

Thank you very much and carry on the good work…Thanks for this month, it was a great experience for me. I hope everything will continue to improve for the centre and the animals. I realise that one month is not enough to really know the place, the project and to know what to do to […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Harriet

You become attached without even meaning to…I was offered to spend three weeks at the centre, I thought yes! There my work would be vital and make a difference. It would be hard, but that made it more attractive as a prospect. Personally, I benefited from the experience by the fact that before my knowledge […]

Reasons to go to Indonesia: One, two, three…

Why is now such a good time to volunteer at our Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary? Well, unlike much of Southeast Asia the island of Sulawesi, home to the project, does not receive rainfall of biblical proportions throughout September and October, making it a great time to volunteer. In fact it usually stays relatively dry and sunny […]

Volunteer with Oranguatans

Volunteer with Orangutans For those who have ever wanted to volunteer with Orangutans; you may be in luck when volunteering in Indonesia. The Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary is currently home to two rescued orangutans. Introducing the ‘Man of the Forest’ The literal translation of Orangutan translates into ‘man of the forest’. It comes from Malay and […]