Colombia just got cheaper!

Most people who volunteer in Colombia end up asking themselves just one question: Why didn’t I come before? And then spend the […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Simon

“Medellin, the project, and the travel that has followed have been one of the best experiences of my life, and probably always […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathryn

“They were two of the most fun, chaotic, exhausting hours of my life…a tiny idea and a group of kids who appreciate […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kevin

“My volunteer trip was a life changing experience that I will never forget”When 21 year-old Kevin  undertook a six week volunteer placement […]

Meet the team in Colombia

Here is a little more information about our Globalteer staff in Medellin! This fantastic team can help you with whatever you might […]

Postcard from Colombia

Drugs? Coffee? That 80’s soccer dude with the crazy blonde affro? The irresistibly dizzy Gloria from hit US sitcom Modern Family? Just […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Neil

“This was my 2nd Globalteer volunteer trip…”Colombia is an amazing place. Our first day with the kids at the project, we took […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Shoena

Though the overall security situation in Colombia has improved considerably in recent years, the threat of terrorism is still high in many […]