Volunteer Spotlight: Robyn

Sick of sipping mojitos poolside? Want to develop your altruistic potential? Then voluntourism may be for you! Voluntourism or “experiential travel” is […]

Elephant Rescue

Ruby (not her real name as we don’t want any elephant dealers to get her hands on her) is an old logging […]

Meet the Bears!

Today we would like to introduce you to some of the permanent furry residents of our Cambodia Bear Rescue Project. The rescued bears […]

Volunteer Spotlight: June

The money also bought a class set of text books…I retired from teaching Dec. 2005 after having taught at Mt.Martha primary for […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Holly

You will be so glad you helped to put a smile on these kids faces- anyone with a heart would!”My experience with […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Duncan

I have done my small part to make a difference…I was quite apprehensive about going to Cambodia at first. I am at […]